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This website has been written to conform to XHTML and CSS standards. It works on most browsers - perhaps not as I intended but... Writing compliant CSS (and other markup) that works across all browsers can be very time consuming but it is something I feel strongly should be done. A certain browser (unfortunately the one most used) has caused website creators and their software to become very lazy with respect to correctness of tags. This shouldn't be the case. If we missed statements out of our code we would not be suprised when it behaved differently than expected but we seem to with webages...

The source files are in PHP whilst the content of the pages is included in XML marked up files. Because of platform limitations with fixed positioning of elements and drop-down menus I have had to make use of JavaScript to achive the menus. These work as intended on the modern browsers and degrade gracefully on older or text based browsers such as Netscape 4.7. Some (such as Opera 6) cannot display the drop-down element but the top level menu item is a link to a menu page allowing access to the items on the menu. Finally a small amount of JavaScript has been used for validation.

A couple of the page resort to using tables where I still think they should not be used - they are being used for non-tabular data. I would like to fix these and may do over time as I find the time! Please no comments about this slight lapse :-)

The pages have been tested on Mozilla (Windows 1.5, Linux 1.6), FireBird/Fox (Linux 0.7, 0.8, Windows 0.8), Konqueror 3.1 (Linux), Galeon 1.3.7 (Linux), Internet Explorer 6 (Windows), Safari (Powerbook), Netscape 4.7+ (Windows) and Opera 6+ (Windows). Unfortunately they look slightly different on each. Mozilla, FireBird/Box and Internet Explorer on Windows and Mozilla, FireBird/Box and Galeon on Linux, and Safari on Powerbook show the page as intended. Although for some reason IE doesn't understand abbr tags so I've had to use acronym in the code instead. Netscape Navigator 4.7 does a sterling job given it has little ability with CSS. Although I've made great efforts code-wise for this to be the case :-) The layout is not always entirely there but everything is displayed and readable. I'm not entirely sure what Amaya thinks it's doing with the CSS and the menus... And I have decided I've no intention of fixing it.

Please let me know using the link below if there are problems with your configuration providing Operating System name and version, and browser name and version. However do not expect miracle fixes at this stage :-) Please also let me know if any pages urge you to upgrade your browser but the menus work properly in dropping down and all pages appear OK as I need to upgrade by browser script. Thanks.

Claire Knight
February 2004