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Name Organisation Location
Margaret Ann Storey University of Victoria Canada
Nicolas Anquetil Universidade Catolica de Brasilia Brazil
Giuliano Antoniol University of Sannio Italy
Michael Blaha OMT Associates USA
Cornelia Boldyreff University of Lincoln UK
Liz Burd University of Durham UK
Jonathan Cook New Mexico State University USA
Jim Cordy Queens University Canada
Saumya Debray The University of Arizona USA
Giuseppe Di Lucca University of Sannio Italy
Jean-Marie Favre IMAG Institute France
Harald Gall University of Zurich Switzerland
Mike Godfrey University of Waterloo Canada
Ric Holt University of Waterloo Canada
Jens Jahnke University of Victoria Canada
Claire Knight Volantis Systems Ltd. UK
Kostas Kontogiannis University of Waterloo Canada
Rainer Koschke University of Bremen Germany
Spiros Mancoridis Drexel University USA
Atif Memon University of Maryland - College Park USA
Hausi Mueller University of Victoria Canada
Malcolm Munro University of Durham UK
Liam O'Brien Software Engineering Institute USA
Susan Elliott Sim University of California, Irvine USA
Ladan Tahvildari University of Waterloo Canada
Maria Tortorella University of Sannio Italy
Arie van Deursen CWI The Netherlands
Chris Verhoef University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Giuseppe Visaggio University of Bari Italy
Andreas Winter University of Koblenz-Landau Germany
Kenny Wong University of Alberta Canada
Filippo Lanubile University of Bari Italy
Ying Zou Queens University Canada
Mohammad El Ramly University of Leicester UK
Kathi Hogshead-Davis Northern Illinois University USA
Gerald Gannod Arizona State University USA
Mark Harman Brunel University UK