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Markt Hotel Area

There is not a single conference hotel or location for WCRE in Delft. However, there are many places to stay. We have made preliminary arrangements with the hotels listed below. All prices are in euros (EUR) and include breakfast but exclude the municipal tourist tax (EUR2 p.p.p.n.). Please use the code "WCRE2004" when making reservations to make sure you get the right prices.

On the right side you find a simple map (click on image for a larger view) that shows the part of the old town where most hotels are (basically the area between the church "de Nieuwe Kerk", the railway and the water). Walking from the Auditorium to the Nieuwe Kerk takes between 20 and 30 minutes so most hotels can be reached in a similar time. The hotel Juliana is very close to the Auditorium (approx. 5min) but it's not in the center so you'll have to travel a little longer for things like dinner.

HotelStarsRoom DetailsPreliminary reservation until
Juliana***7 single (EUR71) + 8 twin (EUR80/single use, EUR88/double use)Oct 6th
De Koophandel***10 (EUR75/single use, EUR90/double use)Oct 6th
Johannes Vermeer***10 (EUR101.8/single use, EUR112.5/double use)Oct 6th
Grand Canal****20 (EUR125)Oct 6th
De Vlaming***3 twin, 1 double (prices vary EUR90--EUR100/single use, EUR95--EUR105/double use)Oct 6th
Hotel Coen***10 single small (EUR59), 10 single regular (EUR75), 8 double (EUR91)Oct 6th
De Emauspoort***15 (EUR77.50/single use, EUR87.50/double use)Sept 23th
Museumhotel****28 "classic" (EUR99/single use, 136/double use) + 12 "deluxe" (EUR115/single use, EUR156/double use)Sept 24th
Museumhotel****6 single (EUR92), 15 "classic" double (EUR113), 19 "deluxe" double (EUR134)between Sept 24th -- Oct 7th
De Kok***no preliminary reservation but uses special WCRE price EUR76--
Bridges House****no preliminary reservation, expects to have 5/6 rooms available till beginning of Oct--

For additional accomodation information, check one of the following (opens in a new window):