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Delft at Dusk

The Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE) is the premier research conference on the theory and practice of recovering information from existing software and systems. WCRE explores innovative methods of extracting the many kinds of information that can be recovered from software, software engineering documents, and systems artifacts, and to examine innovative ways of using this information in system renovation and program understanding.

Latest News/Updates

[2004-11-01] Added tool information and pdf files
[2004-10-29] Added a schedule in PDF format.
[2004-10-19] Added important information on Wireless Network Access.
[2004-10-18] Added practical info to prepare your visit
[2004-09-09] Added registration details
[2004-09-04] Added list of hotels with preliminary reservations
[2004-09-04] Added information on the conference venue
[2004-08-30] Added tutorial information
[2004-08-28] Added workshop information
[2004-08-28] Added keynote information
[2004-08-28] Added schedule and session information
[2004-08-26] WCRE EXTENSION: On Monday Nov 8th, there will be a tutorial on
Reverse Engineering Malicious Programs
[2004-05-22] Added paper submission link
[2004-05-21] Deadline extension due to overlap with ICSE