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ScaleItUp.WebHomer1.5 - 19 Apr 2010 - 14:49 - AndyZaidman

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ScaleItUp NWO Jacquard project


Short description

ScaleItUp is a 5th round NWO Jacquard project and aims to do research in the areas of multi-tenancy, software evolution and software testing.

Multi-tenancy is a novel architectural paradigm in the world of Software as a Service (SaaS?), allowing service providers to make full use of the economy of scale. Multi-tenancy allows multiple tenants — client organizations —to use a single instance of the service, thereby reducing costs. Multi-tenancy entails that the the service should be (1) customizable according to the specific needs of tenants with (2) zero downtime, i.e., without interruption for the tenants.

Within the ScaleItUp project, we aim to define an architecture and a method realizing and supporting zerodowntime, online evolvable multi-tenant software systems (MTSS). This novel MTSS architecture (1) will be able to manage different versions of services, to accommodate requirements of multiple tenants, (2) will be online testable and (3) will be performance-oriented. In order to devise such MTSS architecture and method, we first need to solve three primary research challenges, namely (1) tracing and monitoring, (2) versioning and (3) performance. A final challenge lies in integrating the technologies resulting from these three topics together with a load balancer into a flexible architecture with guidelines on how to adopt and use it.

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