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Software Language Design and Engineering


The Software Language Design and Engineering lab of the Software Engineering Research Group at TU Delft. The mission of the lab is to enable software engineers to effectively design, implement, and apply domain-specific languages. We are doing research in two tracks:

  • Automatic derivation of an efficient, scalable, incremental compiler and a usable IDE from a high-level, declarative language definition

  • Systematic design of domain-specific software languages with an optimal tradeoff between expressivity, completeness, portability, coverage, and maintainability.


  • Spoofax: a language workbench
  • WebDSL: a domain-specific language for web programming
  • Mobl: a language for mobile web applications


software language design and engineering group

  • Eelco Visser
  • Lennart Kats
  • Guido Wachsmuth
  • Maartje de Jonge
  • Danny Groenewegen
  • Sander van der Burg

  • Gabriel Konat
  • Tobi Vollebregt
  • Vlad Vergu

Recent Publications


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