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Professionalizing Spreadsheet Engineering (ProSE)

Funded by STW
Duration: March 2013-2017


Thanks to their flexibility and intuitive programming model, spreadsheets are widely used in industry, often for business-critical applications. Researchers estimate that 95% of U.S. firms and 80% in Europe use spreadsheets in some form for financial reporting. Despite the importance of spreadsheets, current spreadsheet systems provide only limited support for end-user programmers to overcome the challenges of a professional programmer, such as support for designing, implementing, and testing spreadsheets. The goal of the ProSE project is to fill this gap by developing algorithms and techniques to facilitate the design, development, and maintenance of large complex spreadsheets as well as the transformation of spreadsheets into (domain-specific) custom software applications.

In particular, ProSE aims at:

  • Easing the understanding of the design, implementation, and usage of single spreadsheets as well as a whole company’s spreadsheet ecosystem
  • Shortening the development time for spreadsheets and the transformation of them into custom software applications by using domain knowledge

The research project is in close collaboration with Robeco, ASR Insurance Group, Sogeti, and Infotron.


  • January, 2013 - Our ProSE project proposal on Professionalizing Spreadsheet Engineering has been accepted by STW and will be funded with 500k Euro.

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