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POPL.Assignmentsr1.5 - 25 Nov 2009 - 10:53 - SanderVermolen

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POPL Assignments

This year's POPL course holds five assignments. Assignment deadlines can be found on the Schedule page. Information on assignemnt grading can be found on the Grading page.

Assignment descriptions

War grading

As of the second assignment, we use a war grading approach. Solutions can be submitted any number of times. To each submission, you will receive automatic feedback from our war grading software called Test-Fest. Here is how it works:

You can upload your solution as well as your test set to Test-Fest. Test-Fest will then apply our test sets as well as test sets from all other students to your solution. Furthermore, your test set is verified against our 'golden' solution. Test-Fest provides feedback on the correctness of your test set and how well your solution performs. You can use this feedback to improve your solution and your assignment grade.

Using Test-Fest, it should be easier to get a correct and robust solution. We will use the Test-Fest outcome while grading. Note that your are recommended to submit partial (possibly incorrect) solutions and partial test sets to Test-Fest. Use its output to your benefit. We will only use the last submission when grading. In addition to submitting your solution to Test-Fest, you still need to hand in the assignment via email before the deadline (we will also judge on style).

You can apply for an account by sending an email to me: S.D.Vermolen at

You can find Test-Fest at:

-- SanderVermolen - 25 Nov 2009

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