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MoDSE.FirstMoDSEWorkshopr1.2 - 19 Jun 2007 - 18:50 - ArieVanDeursen

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MoDSE Workshop

  • Date: 20-06-2007
  • Title: MoDSE Workshop
  • Room: Sneijderszaal, TUD, Mekelweg 4, Delft
  • Time: 13:00 -- 17:00


13:00 Eelco Visser (TUD) The status of the MoDSE project
13:15 Eelco Visser (TUD) The role of desugarings in the design and implementation of a WebDSL with Stratego/XT
13:45 Jos Warmer (Ordina) How to design succesful DSLs using multiple collaborating DSLs
14:15 Ron Kersic (ATOS) Practical MDSD with openArchitectureWare
14:45 Bas Graaf (TUD) Using ATL to visualise architecture models with UML
15:15 break  
15:30 Arie van Deursen (chair) Discussion: Hate & fear in model-driven software evolution
17:00 end  


The role of desugarings in the design and implementation of a WebDSL with Stratego/XT

Speaker: Eelco Visser (TUD)

Abstract: As a case study in DSL design I am developing a DSL for modeling web applications from which fully operational Java + JSF code is generated (using the Hibernate and Seam frameworks). The DSL is implemented using the program transformation language Stratego. An important technique that combines both a large degree of flexibility to application programmers, and automatic generation of boilerplate code is that of desugaring, that is, model-to-model transformations that rewrite high-level model constructs to lower-level ones. In this talk I will give an overview of the WebDSL project and discuss the central role of desugarings.

How to design succesful DSLs using multiple collaborating DSLs

Speaker: Jos Warmer (Ordina)

Abstract: At Ordina a complete model driven software factory has been developed using multiple DSLs. This presentations shows the approach taken in the design of the DSLs. To support our vision, we developed a new notion of model and model collaboration. The advantages of this new approach and the problems that have been solved during the development process will be shown.

Practical MDSD with openArchitectureWare

Speaker: Ron Kersic (ATOS)

Abstract: openArchitectureWare (oAW) is one of the leading Eclipse- and EMF-based generator frameworks. Starting from an overview of oAW, the presentation will show how oAW facilitates in creating model-to-text and model-to-model transformations.

Using ATL to visualise architecture models with UML

Speaker: Bas Graaf (TUD)

Abstract: In this talk I discuss the most important features of the Atlas Transformation Language (ATL). ATL is a model transformation language, using which transformation rules are specified with OCL. It supports both declarative and imperative constructs. As a running example I discuss how ATL can be used to automate the mapping of an Architecture Description Language onto UML. The focus of the talk, however, is on the syntax and semantics of ATL.

Hate & Fear in Model-Driven Software Evolution

Discussion chaired by Arie van Deursen

Abstract: We're at the start of a long term research project on model-driven software evolution, conducted jointly by industry and academia. Since many of us have earlier experience with program generation technology, we propose to have a look at the past, to see what we should do in the future.

Thus, the first question we'll discuss is what you loved and what you hated about the 4GLs from the past. After that we'll look at the future, and ask ourselves what we hope and what we fear about model-driven engineering.

The outcomes of the discussion will be used to guide the MoDSE research. Furthermore, it will make the MoDSE partners aware of the key problems in model-driven engineering, and the current best practices that may help to reduce the negative effects of these problems.


You are cordially invited to attend the first MoDSE workshop. Please let me know if you plan to attend so that I can arrange for coffee in more or less accurate quantities.

Note that the workshop is not in one of the regular rooms. The Sneijderszaal is in the low building attached to Mekelweg 4. It is on the first floor and can be reached by the bridge behind the canteen.

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