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Understanding Plug-in Test Suites from an Extensibility Perspective
Michaela Greiler, Hans-Gerhard Gross, Arie van Deursen
Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE), October 13-17 2010, Boston, USA
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Plug-in architectures enable developers to build extensible software products. Such products are assembled from plug-ins, and their functionality can be enriched by adding or configuring plug-ins. The plug-ins themselves consist also of multiple plug-ins, and offer dedicated points through which their functionality can be influenced. A well-known example of such an architecture is Eclipse, best known for its use to create a series of extensible IDEs.

In order to test systems built from plug-ins developers use extensive automated test suites. Unfortunately, current testing tools offer little insight in which of the many possible combinations of plug-ins and plug-in configurations are actually tested. To remedy this problem, we propose three architectural views that provide an extensibility perspective on plug-in-based systems and their test suites. The views combine static and dynamic information on plug-in dependencies, extension initialization, and extension usage. The views are implemented in ETSE, the Eclipse Plug-in Test Suite Exploration tool. We evaluate the proposed views by analyzing eGit and Mylyn, two open source Eclipse plug-ins.

Evaluation of Online Testing for Services A Case Study
Michaela Greiler, Hans-Gerhard Gross, Arie van Deursen
International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service Oriented Systems (PESOS), May2-8 2010, CapeTown, SouthAfrica
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Online Testing of Service-Oriented Architectures to detect State-based Faults
Michaela Greiler, Hans-Gerhard Gross, Arie van Deursen
International Conference on Service Oriented Computing, 2009, Doctoral Symposium
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Runtime Integration and Testing for Highly Dynamic Service Oriented ICT Solutions
Michaela Greiler, Hans-Gerhard Gross, Khalid Adam Nasr
Practice and Research Techniques, 2009. TAIC PART '09. Testing: Academic & Industrial Conference
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Secure Resource Sharing in Ad hoc Networks
Michaela Greiler and Peter Schartner
In Proceedings of the International Conference on Security and Management 2008, pages 278-284
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