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MSc Projects

My research focuses on testing of plug-in based systems, whereas the major subject systems are based on the well known Eclipse plug-in framework, which most representative system is the Eclipse IDE. Further topics of interest are integration testing, and GUI (graphical user interface) testing. The following list presents some Master projects within my area of interest. If you like a topic from the list, or you get inspired for your own project proposal please feel free to contact me.


Enhancing the Eclipse Test Suite Exploration Tool

Plug-in architectures enable developers to build extensible software products. Such products are assembled from plug-ins, and their functionality can be enriched by adding or configuring plug-ins. In order to test systems built from plug-ins developers use extensive automated test suites. Unfortunately, current testing tools offer little insight in which of the many possible combinations of plug-ins and plug-in configurations are actually tested.


To remedy this problem, we developed the Eclipse Test Suite Exploration Tool, which combines static and dynamic information on plug-in dependencies, extension initialization, and extension usage to give the developer insights into the current test suite. Intrigued? Read more on the project site or in the related paper. Two possible projects are concerned with working on and extending the ETSE tool:

Visualization of Test Suites

Currently, the ETSE tool visualizes plug-in test suites by using lists and basic graph representations.

This Master project focuses on new ways to visualize test suites. Your task would be to design, and implement new and exciting visualizations to facilitate the task of test suite understanding.

Online Repository

At the moment, static and dynamic data are coming from one instance of Eclipse on a single machine. The models created from this data would benefit from data coming from multiple users. Therefore, it would be important to upload to and retrieve data from a central repository.

This Master project focuses on the design and implementation of such a repository, where the collected data can be uploaded, stored and retrieved on demand.

Improve Versioning in Eclipse

During software versioning a unique version name or number is assigned to a piece of software at a particular point in time. During software evolution this number is changed in order to be able to distinguish the different versions from each other. When more software components are put together they often indicate their compatibility, i.e., the ability to work together, by specifying not only the other software component but also the particular versions, or a version ranges they can work with.

Eclipse provides an extensive guideline on how versioning of plug-ins should be done. Nevertheless, versioning is still done mainly manual and such a task is in respect to guarantee version compatibility complex and error prone. Your task, within this master project, is to improve the Eclipse versioning scheme in such a way that even better version compatibility can be guaranteed by Eclipse (e.g., through the Eclipse provisioning system P2).

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