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-- GerdGross - 08 Oct 2007

Willem Ridderhof

An Approach to Automatic Generation of Evidence for Safety Cases


Safety critical systems are systems that can kill or hurt people or can cause serious environmental damage. To protect people for losses caused by such systems, regulation authorities have created safety standards. Contemporary safety standards describe a set of best practices on how to develop a safe system. Currently, a new safety standard for the automotive industry is being constructed. This standard has been titled ”ISO/WD 26262 Road vehicles: Functional safety”. The ISO/WD 26262 is still a working draft which implies that present-day systems do not have to comply to the standard, yet. To be ready for the introduction of the final version of the standard, the newly introduced concept of the Safety Case has been studied. The results of this study will be presented in this thesis.

A Safety Case provides an argument why a particular system is acceptably safe. A Safety Argument consists of certain claims and evidence for those claims. This thesis shows which part of the evidence can be generated automatically. It turned out to be possible to automatically generate evidence for a traceability part of the Safety Argument. To do so, a traceability part of the Safety Argument has been constructed. Based on this argument, a method has been specified that defines how to generate traceability evidence. Finally, a tool has been created to automatically generate the evidence.

Published as

W. Ridderhof, H.-G. Gross, H. Doerr; Establishing Evidence for Safety Cases in Automotive Systems -- A Case Study; 26th Intl Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security (SAFECOMP 2007), Nuremberg, Germany, September 18--21, 2007.

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