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Test Similarity Correlator

Test similarity Correlator (TestSim) can support test suite understanding by automatically deriving relations between test cases. In particular, it shows trace-based similarities between (high-level) end-to-end tests on the one hand, and fine grained unit tests on the other. TestSim implements three similarity metrics based on shared word count, Levenshtein distance, and pattern matching.

TestSim is a Java based framework and offers an API to steer customized test similarity measurements, varying in trace reduction, thresholds and similarity calculations.

To instrument the test execution we use the AspectJ framework. We offer three different annotations to facilitate tracing of execution of test-methods, set-up and tear-down methods. Test Similarity Correlator comprises several aspects, addressing join points to weave in our tracing advices, including the aspect to address code generated by the mocking library JMock.

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