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Research Project: Tangram

The performance demands on high-tech products keep on growing; they should be faster, more accurate, their uptime should be increased, etc. The business demands on these products keep on growing as well; the time to get such products to the market is getting shorter and the same goes for the period in which the return on investment can be obtained. So while engineers have to do their utmost to deliver technology that sometimes has not been invented yet, the market dictates them to do it faster, cheaper and better. This challenge is never more present than when system parts from different projects and from different disciplines (optics, mechanics, electronics and software) have to be integrated and tested. The combination of this 'faster, cheaper and better' issue and integrating multi-disciplinary state of the art technology, gives ample reason to want a breakthrough. It gives ample reason to want Tangram.

The Tangram project aims at a significant reduction of lead time and cost in the integration and test phase of complex high-tech products. At the same time the product quality should be maintained or improved.

The external project home page is hosted by the Embedded Systems Institute in Eindhoven. It provides also a list of the project partners.

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