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Main.SpicyStonehenger1.2 - 13 Jan 2012 - 10:16 - AndyZaidman

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Spicy Stonehenge

Spicy Stonehenge is a simulation of the real world stock market, built using web services. This system is based on Apache Stonehenge and is composed of one web application for user interaction, plus a series of services which through interaction amongst themselves and external services, create the functionality of the system.


Our flavor of Stonehenge is built on top of Turmeric SOA, the platform supporting eBay's services. This platform has recently been open-sourced and it provides endless possibilities in the field of SOA.


Spicy Stonehenge is available as a GitHub project at With its open-source nature, we hope to get other researchers interested in using and expanding the project to suit their needs. The GitHub page also contains information on how to setup the platform and the system itself.

-- TiagoEspinha - 13 Jan 2012

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