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We are software engineers, and enjoy creating software. Much of our research results in tools that are available for download, often under an open source license, or in tools that run as a service. Below is a list of first important releases for these tools. Many of them are under active maintenance: follow the URL to see the latest versions, as well as additional documentation concerning the tool in question.

Software From SERG


  • Niels Spruit, Moritz Beller, Georgios Gousios, Andy Zaidman. !WatchDog 2.0
  • Moritz Beller, Georgios Gousios, Andy Zaidman. !TravisTorrent


  • Wouter Willems, Andy Zaidman. WatchDog
  • Bert Dekkers, Andy Zaidman. Field Of Threads (FOT)


  • Tiago Espinha, Cuiting Chen. Spicy Stonehenge: Simulation of the stock market using web services.


  • Felienne Hermans. Breviz: Spreadsheet Analytics.
  • Anja Guzzi and Lile Hatori. Pollicino: an Eclipse plug-in that brings a simple, effective, and non-intrusive solution for bookmarking your code.
  • C. Pronk. EpiSpin: An Eclipse Plug-in for Spin/Promela using Spoofax.
  • E. Piel. SOFL: a software system simulator for online fault localisation.
  • V. Hurdugaci and A. Zaidman. TestNForce: a unit test management plug-in for Visual Studio.


  • Anja Guzzi. James: Micro-Blogging in the IDE.
  • A. Mesbah, S. Lenselink, F. Groeneveld, D. Roest, and A. van Deursen. Crawljax 2.0: Automated testing of Ajax Applications.
  • S.D. Vermolen. The Tag-Based Issue Tracker
  • M. Pinzger. SNAnalyzer: a tool to navigate developer contribution information obtained from CVS repositories.
  • E. Piel and A. Gonzalez-Sanchez. Atlas: a component framework with enhanced testing capabilities.
  • N. Matthijssen and A. Zaidman. FireDetective: a dynamic analysis tool that helps to understand Ajax applications.
  • E. Visser. Researchr: a web application for finding, collecting, sharing, and reviewing scientific publications







Other Software

Next to downloadable software, we created various tools that are available upon request from the authors:

  • R. Abreu. Staccato: A statistics-directed algorithm to compute the minimal hitting set, 2009
  • A. Mesbah. RETJAX: Reverse Engineering Classic HTML sites to Ajax, 2007.
  • M. Lormans: ReqAnalyst: A tool for monitoring requirements views, 2006.
  • C. Boogerd and L. Moonen. ELAN: An Execution Likelihood Analyzer for C, 2006.

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