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The Software Engineering Research Group


Software engineering is concerned with methods and techniques for building high quality software systems. This not only includes software construction, but also requirements analysis, design, system integration, testing, deployment, and making changes to software systems after their first release.


The mission of the Delft Software Engineering Research Group is

  1. to develop a deep understanding of how people build and evolve software systems;
  2. to develop novel methods, techniques, theories, and tools that advance the way in which software is built and adjusted;
  3. to ensure that our research results have a lasting impact in software development practice; and
  4. to offer students an education that prepares them to take a leading role in complex software development projects.


The research of the Delft Software Engineering Research Group is characterized by a focus on empirical research, conducted in close collaboration with software development practice. Topics of interest include software testing, software architecture, end user programming, modern code review, and collaborative and distributed software development.

We conduct our research in mixed teams, in collaboration with practitioners and international researchers. We publish our research in the top venues in the field, including broad ones such as the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering ICSE, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and Empirical Software Engineering, as well as in more specialized ones such as the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution ICSME, the Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories MSR, and the International Conference on Global Software Engineering ICGSE. Members of SERG actively serve in organizational and program committees of these conferences and editorial boards of these journals.

We are strong supporters of open science, and self-archive our publications in our Technical Reports series. We aim at sharing our research prototypes as open source tools whenever possible.


To maximize impact of our research, and to ensure that we work on the most relevant topics, we closely collaborate with industry and (open source) practitioners. Example partners include Microsoft, Google, Adyen, ING, Solvenity, and Robeco.

SERG members have been co-founders of spin-off companies SIG (the Software Improvement Group) and Infotron, and we are continuously exploring additional start-up opportunities.


The educational activities of the Delft Software Engineering group cover courses in the TU Delft bachelor and master in computer science. Courses we teach include programming, software engineering, testing, software architecture, globally distributed software engineering, mining software repositories, and so on. Within the MSc program, we offer a software engineering specialization, which aims to equip students with knowledge of modern software development approaches and their underlying principles, recent advances in software engineering research and data science. Each year, 15-20 students complete their masters thesis within this specialization.


The group employs approximately 25 people (depending on the completion or initiation of projects), comprising full, associate, and assistant professors, postdocs, and PhD students. The group is led by prof. dr. Arie van Deursen.

SERG is part of the department of Software Technology, faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science, Delft University of Technology, and a member of the research school IPA.

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