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2nd Reconstructor Meeting

Eindhoven University of Technology

February 3, 2006

The Second Reconstructor Workshop was held in Febrary 2006, this time at the premisses of the Technical University of Eindhoven. The programme was as follows:

  • Bas Graaf, TU Delft, Using the MDA for Conformance Checking of Scenarios and Statemachines
  • Bas Cornelissen, TU Delft, Abstractions and Dynamic Analysis for the Reconstruction of Scenario Diagrams
  • Lou Somers, Oce, Architecture Reconstruction of Industrial Object-Oriented Software: A Case Study
  • Alexandru Telea en Lucian Voinea, TU Eindhoven, Software Evolution and Visualization
  • Danny Holten, TU Eindhoven, Visualization of Software Metrics and Relations.
  • Discussion and Drinks

In addition to the speakers, participants included other members of the Reconstructor Project, such as Leon Moonen (TU Delft), Rini van Solingen (LogicaCMG), Teade Punter (TU Eindhoven), Tobias Kuipers (Software Improvement Group), Andre Koster (West Consulting), Arie van Deursen (TU Delft), and Jack van Wijk (TU Eindhoven).

Papers and Presentations

Spreker(s) Titel Presentatiemateriaal Paper(s)
Bas Cornelissen (TU Delft), Bas Graaf (TU Delft) Reconstruction and Conformance of UML Sequence and Statemachine Diagrams Presentatie 1 Presentatie 2  
Lou Somers (OcÚ Research) Architecture Reconstruction of Industrial Object-Oriented Software: A Case Study Presentatie  
Alexandru Telea (TU/e), Lucian Voinea (TU/e) Software Evolution and Visualization Presentatie 1 Presentatie 2 Paper
Danny Holten (TU/e) Visualization of Software Metrics and Relations Presentatie Paper


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