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Research Projects

We are currently involved in the following externally funded research projects:

  • The TestRoots project on improving developer testing.
  • The ProSE project on Professionalizing Spreadsheet Engineering.
  • The Allegio project on Composable Embedded Systems for Healthcare.
  • The ScaleItUp project on Online Evolution and Testing of Multi-Tenant Software Systems.
  • The ReSOS project on re-engineering design and implementation shortcomings of service-oriented systems.
  • The ASPIC Project on Awareness-based Support Project for Interpersonal Collaboration
  • The MoDSE Project on model-driven software evolution
  • The PDS project on distributed deployment of services
  • The ARTOSC project on Automated Runtime Testablility of SOA Composites
  • The MTS project on Multi-Tenant Software Systems in a SOA context.
  • The Perplex Software Engineering Lab
  • The QSL Project on linguistic characteristics of source code.

Completed projects include:

  • The TFA Project on extensibility of transformation for abstractions
  • The MoVES Project on Modelling, Verification and Evolution of Software.
  • The SPCI Project on rich user interfaces for web application
  • The Poseidon Project on developing maritime safety and security systems.
  • The Trader Project on reliability for consumer electronics software
  • The Reconstructor Project on software architecture reconstruction using Symphony.
  • The ASSESS Project on source based software quality and security evaluation
  • The Ideals Project on idiom design and analysis for embedded systems
  • The Amr Project on aspect mining and refactoring (Java analysis)
  • The Tangram Project on reducing time-to-market and development costs of high-tech systems
  • The Merlin Project on methodologies and technologies for embedded systems development
  • The Moose Project on improving product quality and software development productivity for embedded systems.
  • The TraCE Project on transparent configuration environments
  • The Forments Project on the formalization of system requirements
  • The Lydia Project on the development of a modeling language for fault diagnosis (now at the Embedded Systems group).
  • The C6 Project on the development of a compiler for low-cost FPGAs
  • The Finesse Project on fault diagnosis for embedded systems dependability

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