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Main.ResearchColloquiumr1.261 - 06 Sep 2013 - 13:31 - AndyZaidman

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Research Colloquium

The SERG group meets (at least) once in the two weeks to learn about and exchange ideas on recent research carried out by the group's researchers (Faculty members, Postdocs, PhD students). Occasionally researchers from other organizations are invited to present their latest work. The colloquium has a set time and place (see below), deviations of the usual schedule are marked in the column 'extra'.

Usual Time and Place

Thursday, 11:00 - 12:00
Room: 9.150 (EWI)

Presentations 2014

Date Speaker Title Extras
06-03-2014 Steven Raemaekers Estimating Rework with API Change Injection abstract, 11:00, van Katwijkzaal

Presentations 2013

Date Speaker Title Extras
27-09-2013 Romain Robbes TBD abstract, 12:45, van de Poel zaal
17-07-2013 Cuiting Chen Improving Service Diagnosis Through Invocation Monitoring abstract, 10:15, Timmanzaal
28-06-2013 Andreas Zeller Mining Models from Generated System Tests abstract, 11:45, Dijkstrazaal
28-06-2013 Philippe Kruchten For a crisper definition of technical debt abstract, 11:00, Dijkstrazaal
27-06-2013 Sara Mahdavi-Hezavehi Variability in quality attributes in service-based software systems abstract 11:00, Timmanzaal
12-06-2013 Cuiting Chen Improving Service Diagnosis Through Increased Monitoring Granularity abstract, 11:00, Dijkstrazaal
03-06-2013 Sam Malek A Framework for Improving a Distributed Software System's Deployment Architecture abstract, 11:30, Dijkstrazaal
03-06-2013 Roberto di Cosmo Automatic composition of complex software components abstract, 12:00, Dijkstrazaal
29-05-2013 Maria Kechagia Reliability of APIs abstract, 11:00, Room LB01.220
15-05-2013 Daniele Romano Analyzing the Change-Proneness of Service-Oriented Systems from an Industrial Perspective abstract, 11:00, Room LB01.220
15-05-2013 Georgios Gousios The GHTorrent dataset and tool suite abstract, 14:00, Vassiliadis zaal
15-05-2013 Kevin Dullemond & Ben van Gameren Fixing the ’Out of Sight Out of Mind’ Problem - One Year of Mood-Based Microblogging in a Distributed Software Team abstract, 14:00, Vassiliadis zaal
15-05-2013 Steven Raemakaers The Maven Repository Dataset of Metrics, Changes, and Dependencies abstract, 14:00, Vassiliadis zaal
23-03-2013 Serge Demeyer An N-gram Analysis on the complete corpus of MSR papers abstract; Room G, 11:00
18-03-2013 Jacek Czerwonka CodeMine: a Software Analytics Platform for Collecting and Analyzing Engineering Process Data at Microsoft 12:30

Presentations 2012

Date Speaker Title Extras
08-03-2012 Hassan Chafi (Oracle, Stanford) DSLs at Oracle abstract
21-3-2012 Martin Pinzger Vidi practice talk 11:00
22-3-2012 Leif Singer Developer Motivation and the Adoption of Software Engineering Methods HB16.140; abstract
05-04-2012 Michaela Greiler Measuring Test Case Similarity to Support Test Suite Understanding TOOLS'12 dry run
20-04-2012 Steven Raemaekers Measuring library stability through code metrics and binary incompatibilities 11:00, abstract
21-04-2012 Daniele Romano Analyzing the Evolution of Web Services using Fine-Grained Changes 16:00, Lipkenszaal, abstract
29-05-2012 Georgios Gousios Github’s Data from a Firehose (MSR'12 dry run)
29-05-2012 Anja Guzzi Documenting and Sharing Knowledge about Code (ICSE'12 DS dry run)
29-05-2012 Sander van der Burg A Generic Approach for Deploying and Upgrading Mutable Software Components (HotSwup'12 dry run)
31-05-2012 Felienne Hermans Detecting and Visualizing Inter-worksheet Smells in Spreadsheets (ICSE'12 dry run)
31-05-2012 Kevin Dullemond Supporting Distributed Software Engineering in a Fully Distributed Organization (CHASE'12 dry run)
06-09-2012 Arie van Deursen Software: Good, Bad, or Just a Matter of Taste? SBES dry run
13-09-2012 Cor-Paul Bezemer Locating Performance Improvement Opportunities in an Industrial Software-as-a-Service Application ICSM'12 dry run
13-09-2012 Steven Raemaekers Measuring library stability through code metrics and binary incompatibilities ICSM'12 dry run
20-09-2012 Arie van Deursen Testing Plug-in Architectures SAST'12 dry run
4-10-2012 Tiago Espinha Understanding the Runtime Topology of Service-Oriented Systems WCRE'12 dry run
4-10-2012 Daniele Romano Analyzing the Impact of Antipatterns on Change-Proneness Using Fine-Grained Source Code Changes WCRE'12 dry run
25-10-2012 Nicolas Dintzner Leveraging feature models for change impact analysis and design improvement abstract
06-11-2012 Alberto Bacchelli Mining Structured Data in Natural Language Artifacts with Island Parsing HB.09.120; 13:30; abstract
13-12-2012 Peter Mosses PLanCompS: Programming Language Components and Specifications HB09.130
19-12-2012 Philippe Kruchten Games Architects Play Abstract. Lipkens Room, 15:30-16:30

Presentations 2011

Date Speaker Title Extras
10-03-2011 Michaela Greiler Test Confessions: What Eclipsers Think and Do About Testing EclipseCon Abstract
Room C
Erik Meijer,
A co-Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks abstract, paper
14-04-2011 Daniel German, UVic Software Bertillonage: Finding the Provenance of an Entity abstract; Lipkenszaal
JC van Winkel, Google Building a Computing System for the World’s Information abstract
12-05-2011 Mohammad Mousavi, TU/e Formal Verification Reesarch at TU/e: An Overview  
17-05-2011 Sander van der Burg A Self-Adaptive Deployment Framework for Service-Oriented Systems abstract; 10:00
18-05-2011 Anja Guzzi Collective Code Bookmarks for Program Comprehension abstract; 9:30
18-05-2011 Eelco Dolstra Finding Software License Violations Through Binary Code Clone Detection abstract; 10:15
09-06-2011 Matthias Woehrle Software Engineering and Sensor Networks abstract; 11:20
09-06-2011 Cor-Paul Bezemer Using Pattern Recognition Techniques for Server Overload Detection abstract; 10:40
29-06-2011 Maartje de Jonge An Algorithm for Layout Preservation in Refactoring Transformations 13:00
30-06-2011 Martin Bruggink Informatica in het middelbaar onderwijs 10:30
30-06-2011 Sander Vermolen Reconstructing Complex Metamodel Evolution 11:15; abstract
22-07-2011 Hideo Tanida Client-Tier Validation of Dynamic Web Applications 10:00
07-09-2011 Daniele Romano Using Source Code Metrics to Predict Change-Prone Java Interfaces abstract
07-09-2011 Daniele Romano Using Vector Clocks to Monitor Dependencies among Services at Runtime abstract
08-09-2011 Tiago Espinha Understanding Service-Oriented Systems Using Dynamic Analysis abstract
09-09-2011 Cuiting Chen A Framework-based Runtime Monitoring Approach for Service-Oriented Software Systems abstract
15-09-2011 Éric Piel Spectrum-based Health Monitoring for Self-Adaptive Systems abstract
05-10-2011 Vadim Zaytsev Grammar Comparison Techniques Wednesday, 13:00-14:00; abstract
06-10-2011 Ricky Lindeman Declaratively Defining Domain-Specific Language Debuggers abstract
03-11-2011 Felienne Hermans TEDx talk  

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If you would like to give a presentation or have your email added to the SERG Research Colloquium mailing-list, please contact Andy Zaidman. In case you are specifically interested in the MoDSE Colloquium, please contact Eelco Visser instead.

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