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Main.PieterHartmanr1.3 - 14 Mar 2007 - 15:08 - LeonMoonen

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Pieter Hartman

Exploring for Architecture: “beyond module viewtype”


The software architecture description is the most important document for software engineers. AEGON experienced some problems that could not be solved without a good description of their software.

TU Delft currently developed Symphony, a framework for reporting reconstruction approaches. Because Symphony results in a uniform description it is even possible to evaluate reconstruction approaches. This method is used in a case study to recover the information to solve the problems.

In this reconstruction process we leave the classic module viewtype and we explore more dynamic structures such as the Component and Connector viewtype. Component and Connector views define models consisting of elements that have some runtime presence. In short a component and connector view is a picture of runtime entities and potential interactions.

In this report we introduce software architecture, especially the component and connector viewtype. Later on we present the reconstruction results and finally we will give some recommendations for improving OfferteNet.

Keywords: reverse engineering, component and connector, views, viewtypes, Symphony, software architecture, OfferteNet

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