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Main.PastStudentPresentationsr1.12 - 25 Oct 2007 - 09:30 - GerdGross

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Past Student Presentations

Date Speaker Title Supervisor Extras
28-08-2007 Vahid Gharavi Modelling Ajax User Interfaces for the Purpose of Code Generation Ali Mesbah  
07-08-2007 Willem Drost Exploiting Hierarchy in Spectrum-Based Fault Localization Peter Zoeteweij  
17-07-2007 Mulo Emmanuel Testability Andy Zaidman
Arie van Deursen
27-06-2007 Nick Geerts Choosing a Model for the Immune System Hans Geers  
08-06-2007 Maikel Lobbezoo A Performance Specific Test Model for Ajax-Based Web Applications Ali Mesbah  
27-06-2007 Maarten Schilt Model-Driven Development: Concepts, Approaches, and Applications Andy Zaidman  
27-06-2007 Bastiaan Pierhagen Introduction to Frameworks and Their Underlying Design Principles Andy Zaidman  
25-04-2007 Rahmat Adnan Reconstruction of State Models using Static Analysis Bas Graaf  
18-04-2007 Taco Ijsselmuiden Static Software Analysis: an overview of current state of affairs Leon Moonen  
04-04-2007 Gerardo de Geest Software Factories for a Service Oriented Architecture Eelco Visser Abstract
29-03-2007 Jonathan Joubert Model-driven development, deployment and maintenance of web applications Eelco Visser Abstract
15-03-2007 Jeroen Dobbe A Domain-Specific Language for Computer Games Eelco Visser Abstract
14-03-2007 Engin Bozdag Push Solutions for AJAX Technology Ali Mesbah Abstract
07-03-2007 Eric de Backer Towards an Infrastructure for Empirical Software Measurements Leon Moonen Abstract
28-02-2007 Wim v. Gool
Marco Glorie
A survey on various fault-finding techniques
Philips Medical Archive Splitting
Leon Moonen
Andy Zaidman
21-02-2007 Carsten Krauter
Yves Bourgeouis
Automated Model Generation for Fault Diagnosis
Modeling of Extra-Functional Component Attributes
Gerd Gross  
14-02-2007 G.L. Cheng Detecting Java Security Vulnerabilities with Static Analysis Leon Moonen Thesis
14-02-2007 Robin van der Rijst Aspect-introducing Refactoring Marius Marin
A. v. Deursen
22-12-2006 Maurits Hartman Bio-SPHERE, a distributed multimodal biometric platform Arjan van Gemund abstract
13-12-2006 Etienne Gerts EMV Credit Card Certification Gerd Gross, W. Lobbezoo (Bibit)  
22-11-2006 Thomas Kraus Generating system documentation augmented with traceability information, using a central XML-based repository Gerd Gross, M. Fillerup (Chess, ibusiness) abstract
10-11-2006 Sabrina Jim From UML Diagrams to Behavioral Source Code Paul Klint (CWI) abstract
30-10-2006 Bobby Bregman Chain monitoring for Web Services Kees van der Meer, Arie van Deursen abstract

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