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Main.PastPresentationsr1.50 - 12 May 2010 - 13:46 - AndyZaidman

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Past Research Colloquium Presentations

Date Speaker Title Extras
02-12-2010 Birna van Riemsdijk Empirical Software Engineering for Agent Programming abstract; 11:00-12:00
25-11-2010 Karl T. Kalleberg Building DSLs for Algorithmic Currency Trading abstract; 11:00-12:00
28-10-2010 Eelco Dolstra Automating System Tests Using Declarative Virtual Machines abstract; 11:20-12:00
28-10-2010 Eric Bouwers A Metric for Assessing Component Balance of Software Architectures abstract; 10:45-11:20
22-10-2010 Arie van Deursen A Pragmatic Perspective on Software Visualization (ACM SoftVis keynote dryrun) abstract; 11:00-12:00
21-10-2010 Philippe Kruchten On Technical Debt abstract; 11:00-12:00
12-09-2010 Lile Hattori Replaying Past Changes on Multi-developer Projects abstract; 11:00-12:00
07-10-2010 Michaela Greiler Understanding Plug-in Test Suites from an Extensibility Perspective abstract
23-09-2010 Rob Economopoulos Extending Code Generators by Transforming Generated Code abstract; 11:00-12:00
16-09-2010 Felienne Hermans Supporting Professional Spreadsheet Users by Generating Leveled Dataflow Diagrams abstract
09-09-2010 Cor-Paul Bezemer Enabling Multi-Tenancy: An Industrial Experience Report abstract; 11:15-12:00
09-09-2010 Anja Guzzi Combining Micro-Blogging and IDE Interactions to Support Developers in their Quests abstract; 10:30-11:15
26-08-2010 Sander van der Burg Automated Deployment of a Heterogeneous Service-Oriented System abstract; 11:00-12:00
15-07-2010 Arsen Storojev Topic Clouds Extraction from End-user Documents abstract; Snijderszaal 11:00-12:00
21-05-2010 James A. Whittaker Testing in the Google environment abstract; Lecture room D 13:00-14:00
29-04-2010 Roberto Cornacchia Search - a matter of speaking the right language?  
08-04-2010 Martijn Reijerse Requirements for collaborative software in global software engineering abstract; 10:15
08-04-2010 Henk van der Schuur Reducing Maintenance Effort through Generic Recording of Deployed Software Operation: A Field Study abstract; 11:00
25-03-2010 Alberto Gonzalez Do we test to find failures or faults? A Diagnostic Approach to Test Prioritization abstract
11-03-2010 Anja Guzzi Supporting Collaboration Awareness with Real-time Visualization of Development Activity abstract
19-02-2010 Lile Hattori Supporting Collaboration with Synchronous Changes Snijderszaal 15:00, abstract
28-01-2010 William Cook The Missing Link: Unifying Remote Data and Services Collegezaal E, 10:30 - 12:30, abstract
19-01-2010 Harald Gall Supporting Developers with Natural Language Queries HB.17.150, 13:00 - 14:00, abstract
14-01-2010 Kevin Dullemond and Ben van Gameren ASPIC: Awareness-based Support Project for Interpersonal Collaboration abstract
19-11-2009 Josť Pedro Correia Detecting (r)evolution events from software product measurement streams abstract
22-10-2009 Lennart Kats Providing Rapid Feedback in Generated Modular Language Environments. Adding Error Recovery to Scannerless Generalized-LR Parsing (OOPSLA rehearsal) abstract
20-10-2009 Eelco Visser, Danny Groenewegen Weaving Web Applications with WebDSL (Demonstration) (OOPSLA rehearsal) abstract
1-10-2009 Arie van Deursen What your IDE could do once you understand your code (WSE/VISSOFT keynote) abstract
24-09-2009 Danny Groenewegen Integration of Data Validation and User Interface Concerns in a DSL for Web Applications (SLE rehearsal) abstract
17-09-2009 Maartje de Jonge Natural and flexible error recovery for generated parsers (SLE rehearsal) abstract
15-09-2009 Andy Zaidman Managing Code Clones Using Dynamic Change Tracking and Resolution 14:30 (ICSM rehearsal)abstract
10-09-2009 Zef Hemel PIL: A platform independent language for retargetable DSLs (SLE rehearsal) abstract
09-09-2009 Paul Strooper Generation with Grammars and Covering Arrays 14:30 room 09.130 abstract
03-09-2009 Eric Bouwers Criteria for the Evaluation of Implemented Architectures starts at 11.30 abstract
02-09-2009 Anja Guzzi Supporting Collaboration Awareness in Multideveloper Projects starts at 14:00 abstract
23-06-2009 Stephane Ducasse Traits at work starts at 10:00 abstract
23-06-2009 Tarja Systa A quick look at two research project at TUT starts at 11:00 abstract
19-06-2009 Alexander Wolf New Uses of Simulation in Distributed System Engineering Friday, starts at 10:30 abstract
18-06-2009 Alessandro Orso Improving Web Application Security and Reliability through Program Analysis starts at 13:00 abstract
04-06-2009 Tiago Alves (SIG) Comparative Study of Code Query Technologies  
20-11-2008 Tony Sloane Kiama: Embedding language processing in Scala MoDSE Colloquium
28-05-2009 Bernd Fischer tba MoDSE Colloquium
14-05-2009 Felienne Hermans, Gerben van Loon DSL Tools & OSLO MoDSE Colloquium
07-05-2009 Ali Mesbah, Cathal Boogerd,
Bas Cornelissen, Sander van der Burg
Four 15-20min talks (starting at 10:30) abstracts
16-04-2009 Trosky B. Callo Execution Models to Describe Large Software-Intensive Systems abstract
19-03-2009 Lennart Kats Decorated attribute grammars. Attribute evaluation meets strategic programming MoDSE Colloquium
19-03-2009 Lennart Kats Decorated attribute grammars. Attribute evaluation meets strategic programming MoDSE Colloquium
26-02-2009 Anya Bagge & Magne Haveraaen Magnolia - a mouldable language MoDSE Colloquium
03-02-2009 Martin Pinzger & Andy Zaidman Bug Repository Mining Tuesday, start at 12:45!
29-01-2009 Zafer Serbest Enterprise Application Integration: Web Services and Case Studies  
22-01-2009 Emma Nilsson-Nyman Practical Scope Recovery using Bridge Parsing MoDSE Colloquium
18-12-2008 Eric Piel Virtual Components: Integration Testing of Data Flow-oriented systems abstract
11-12-2008 Jan Hidders Hera-S - Web Design Using Sesame MoDSE Colloquium
11-12-2008 Jan Hidders Hera-S - Web Design Using Sesame MoDSE Colloquium
27-11-2008 Cathal Boogerd Assessing the Value of Coding Standards abstract
20-11-2008 Tony Sloane Kiama: Embedding language processing in Scala MoDSE Colloquium
13-11-2008 Rui Abreu An observation-based model for fault localization abstract
30-10-2008 Bas Cornelissen A Systematic Survey of Program Comprehension through Dynamic Analysis abstract
23-10-2008 Kees Pronk A verifiable Posix File-System using Flash Memory abstract
16-10-2008 Lennart Kats Mixing source and bytecode. A case for compilation by normalization MoDSE Colloquium (OOPSLA'08)
09-10-2008 Eric Bouwers (SIG) Putting Fluent Interfaces to the Test abstract
25-09-2008 Sander Vermolen Heterogenous Coupled Evolution MoDSE Colloquium (MODELS'08) in Snijderzaal LB 01.010
18-09-2008 Zef Hemel WebWorkFlow: An Object-Oriented Workflow Modeling Language for Web Applications MoDSE Colloquium (MODELS'08)
10-07-2008 Danny Groenewegen Declarative access control for WebDSL tryout for ICWE'08
07-07-2008 Wolfgang Mayer (University of South Australia) Can Faulty Models Help to Fix Faulty Programs? abstract
26-06-2008 Felienne Hermans Termination in Infinite Term Rewriting Sytsems  
19-06-2008 Alberto Gonzalez Automating Runtime Evolution and Verification of Component-based Systems abstract
17-06-2008 Matthias Niederhausen (TU Dresden) Aspect-oriented Web Engineering 10:00-11:00 abstract
12-06-2008 Ron Kersic (CapGemini) DSL implementation by annotation processing MoDSE Colloquium (09.130?) 10:00-12:30
11-06-2008 Martin Pinzger Can Developer Social Networks Predict Failures? EWI - Lecture Room F, 11:00 (abstract)
29-05-2008 Tiago Alves Static Estimation of Test Coverage abstract
24-04-2008 Meinte Boersma (ATOS) Industrial Experience with oAW DSL development MoDSE Colloquium (09.130) 10:30-12:30
17-04-2008 Rob Economopoulos (CWI) SRNGLR parsing 10:30
27-03-2008 Lennart Kats Generating Editors for Embedded Languages MoDSE Colloquium (09.130) 10:00-12:00
21-02-2008 Hendrik Jan van Randen Modeling Enterprise Systems MoDSE Colloquium (09.130) 10:00-12:00
07-02-2008 Bas Cornelissen Towards an Assessment Methodology for Trace Abstraction Techniques abstract
31-01-2008 Tijs van der Storm The Sisyphus Continuous Build & Release System Time: 13:00-14:30
24-01-2008 Igor Frid Game DSL MoDSE Colloquium (09.130)
16-01-2008 Joost Visser The SIG Model for Measuring Maintainability Time: 10:00-11:00
10-01-2008 Ali Mesbah Exposing the Hidden-Web Induced by Ajax abstract
03-01-2008 Shan Shan Huang Disciplined Meta-Programming for Java MoDSE Colloquium (09.130)
20-12-2007 Eelco Visser et al. WebDSL developments MoDSE Colloquium (09.130)
06-12-2007 Michel Soares, Jos Vrancken Model Driven Engineering in the Road Traffic Management domain abtract (Time: 9:30-10:30)
27-11-2007 Rainer Koschke Software Clone Detection -- A State-of-the-Art Survey Time: 10:00 - 11:00
22-11-2007 Tom Mens Model-Driven Software Evolution: An Alternative Research Agenda MoDSE Colloquium (19.130)
01-11-2007 Martin Bravenboer Towards Intelligent Coding Assistance for Code Generation in Modeling Frameworks MoDSE Colloquium (09.130) abstract
18-10-2007 Theo Dirk Meijler Achieving Incremental Generative Model-driven Development abstract (08.120)
02-10-2007 Engin Bozdag A Comparison of Push and Pull Techniques for Ajax (08.120)
27-09-2007 Arie van Deursen (moderator) Hate & Fear in Model-Driven Software Evolution MoDSE Colloquium
25-09-2007 Marius Marin An Integrated System to Manage Crosscutting Concerns in Source Code abstract
06-09-2007 Sander Vermolen Automatically discharging proof obligations using HOL  
14-06-2007 Eelco Visser Domain-Specific Language Engineering: Part II MoDSE Colloquium in Collegezaal C 10:30-12:30
08-06-2007 Steffen Zschaler Reuseware -- Generic Invasive Software Composition 11:00 abstract
07-06-2007 Andy Zaidman On How Developers Test Open Source Software Systems 12:45, abstract
24-05-2007 Eelco Visser Domain-Specific Language Engineering MoDSE Colloquium, abstract
10-05-2007 Magiel Bruntink Simple Crosscutting Concerns are not so Simple Paper presented at AOSD.07
26-04-2007 Jan Heering Domain-Specific Languages in Perspective MoDSE Colloquium in Bordewijkzaal (19.130) 10:30-12:30 abstract
17-04-2007 Marius Marin Documenting Crosscutting Concerns Using Queries Tuesday abstract
05-04-2007 Anneke Kleppe Towards the Generation of a Text-Based IDE from a Language Metamodel MoDSE Colloquium 10:30-12:30 abstract
29-03-2007 Koen Langendoen Wireless Sensor Networks: A Promise that Fails to Deliver abstract
16-03-2007 Frank Tip (IBM) Declarative Object Identity using Relation Types abstract
15-03-2007 Martin Bravenboer Grammar Engineering Support for Precedence Rule Recovery and Compatibility Checking abstract
01-03-2007 Peter Breuer Meta-analysis for the linux kernel: recognising, describing and analysing kernel domain abstractions expressed in C abstract
22-02-2007 Mark Hissink Muller ComplexityMap, Bridging the Gap abstract
13-02-2007 Zef Hemel Middleware for Semantic Service Advertisement and Discovery on MANETs abstract, in 08.120 at 11:15
15-02-2007 Thomas Cleenewerck (VUB) Modularization of Language Constructs: A Reflective Approach abstract
05-02-2007 Greg Provan (U. Cork) Synthetic Circuit Model Generators for Diagnostic Inference Joint CABS Coll.
08-02-2007 Bas Graaf Model-Driven Consistency Checking of Behavioural Specifications abstract
25-01-2007 Rini van Solingen (LogicaCMG) Globally distributed software engineering: a research agenda  
21-12-2006 Gerd Gross Model-driven Component-based Development abstract
30-11-2006 Rui Abreu An Evaluation of Similarity Coefficients for Software Fault Localization abstract
02-11-2006 Cathal Boogerd Prioritizing Software Inspection Results using Static Profiling abstract
19-10-2006 Bas Cornelissen Visualizing Testsuites to Aid in Software Understanding abstract

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