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Past and Current MSc Projects

Below you can find a list of current and past SERG Masters projects. You can browse through the list in order to get an idea for the sort of MSc projects we run at our labs.

If you're a Delft MSc student and you like projects such as those listed here, you can contact us to see if there are opportunities for an MSc project for you at our labs. This is usually possible, but mainly depends on the time we have available for supervising you. We also maintain a list of available open projects, but this list is a subset of what is really possible since the actual project opportunities change a lot.

The projects are sorted in reverse chronological order by end year. You can sort on other columns by clicking the appropriate column headers. Projects in progress are listed first, followed by separate tables for theses completed in each year, starting in 2003. For completed projects, you can click on the student's name for an abstract or an electronic copy of the thesis. If you did your masters thesis in the software engineering group and you can't find your thesis below, contact your supervisor, and ask him/her to add your thesis.

In Progress

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Aaron Ang 2016   Arie van Deursen, Rui Abreu SERG Spectrum Based Fault Localisation
Ioana Leontiuc 2016   Arie van Deursen SERG Mutation testing
Kristin Fjola 2016   Mauricio Aniche, Arie van Deursen SERG Javascript Smell Detection
Joop Aue 2016   Mauricio Aniche, Arie van Deursen Adyen Log-based Automated API Documentation
Kaj Dreef 2016   Arie van Deursen, Jim Jones UC Irvine Phase Visualization
Peter van Buul 2015   Rini van Solingen SERG Globally distributed Value Streams & Release Trains
Gijs Kuijer 2015   Rini van Solingen SERG Automated Quality monitoring in distributed software engineering
Herwin Wels 2015   Andy Zaidman SERG Social media in software engineering
Brynjolfur Mar Georgsson 2016   Andy Zaidman SERG Code review
Tim van der Lippe 2017   Andy Zaidman, Moritz Beller SERG Static Analysis
Sander van den Oever 2018   Andy Zaidman Bunq Onboarding
Raies Sabourali 2018   Andy Zaidman [[SERG] Automatic Static Analysis Tools

Completed in 2018

Dustin Lim 2017 2018 Fabio Palomba, Andy Zaidman SERG Detecting Code Smells in Android Applications

Completed in 2017

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Patrick van Hesteren 2016 2017 Moritz Beller, Andy Zaidman SERG The impact of type systems and test tooling on codified testing strategies: an exploratory multi-method approach
Peter Evers 2016 2017 Mauricio Aniche, Arie van Deursen Adyen Finding Errors in Massive Payment Log Data
Martin Rogalla 2015 2017 Arie van Deursen Fujitsu, USA Automated Software Testing of JavaScript Web Applications

Completed in 2016

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Igor Levaja 2015 2016 Moritz Beller, Andy Zaidman SERG !WatchDog For IntelliJ: An IDE Plugin To Analyze Software Testing Practices
Maarten Duijn 2015 2016 Arie van Deursen ING Assuring the Quality of Unit Testing in a Continuous Delivery Environment
Tejaswini Dandi 2015 2016 Andy Zaidman SERG The Impact of Test Code Summary to Understand the System Behaviour
Eveline van der Schrier 2016 2016 Andy Zaidman SERG The Effect of Generated Comments for Integration Tests on Code Comprehension
Maikel Krause 2014 2016 Andy Zaidman M Industries Square: A Migration Language for Robust Data Importing
Rogier Slag 2015   Arie van Deursen SERG Kafkalytics: Anti-pattern detection in a Kafka message bus
Bastiaan van Graafeiland 2016 2016 Andy Zaidman SERG Static Code Analysis Tools: Effects on Development of Open Source Software
Niels Spruit 2016 2016 Moritz Beller, Andy Zaidman SERG What Programmers Know About Debugging And How They Use Their IDE Debuggers

Completed in 2015

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
David Hoepelman 2015   Felienne Hermans SERG Tool-assisted Spreadsheet Refactoring and Parsing Spreadsheet Formulas
Reinier Hartog 2015 2015 Alberto Bacchelli SERG Octopull: Integrating Static Analysis with Code Reviews
Anand Sawant 2015   Alberto Bacchelli, Alex Orso SERG, Georgia Tech fine-GRAPE: Fine-Grained APi usage Extractor An Approach and Dataset to Investigate API Usage
Vincent Hellendoorn 2015   Alberto Bacchelli, Prem Devanbu SERG, UC Davis Empirical Software Linguistics: An Investigation of Code Reviews, Recommendations and Faults
Michael de Jong 2014 2015 Arie van Deursen and SERG Zero-Downtime SQL Database Schema Evolution for Continuous Deployment
Ayidya Nagaram 2014 2015 Claudia Hauff, Georgios Gousios, Arie van Deursen SERG Using Github Profiles in Software Developer Recruitment and Hiring
Yandri Ahmad Yandriansyah Reza 2014 2015 Rini van Solingen, Alberto Bacchelli SERG GSE and RE in the bank domain
Sebastiaan Oosterwaal 2013 2015 Arie van Deursen, Roberta Coelho SERG Combining source code and test coverage changes in pull requests
Alon Dolev 2014 2015 Erik Meijer, Philipp Haller EPFL Scalable Join-Pattern Matching for Observables
Joseph Hejderup 2014 2015 Arie van Deursen, Ali Mesbah SERG, UBC In Dependencies We Trust: How vulnerable are dependencies in software modules?
Radjino Bholanath 2014 2015 Moritz Beller, Andy Zaidman SERG Analyzing the State of Static Analysis: A Large-Scale Evaluation in Open Source Software
Erik van der Veen 2014 2015 Georgios Gousios, Andy Zaidman   Prioritizing pull requests

Completed in 2014

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Maarten Abbink 2013 2014 Felienne Hermans Fugro Automating Acceptance Tests of a Distributed Application
Wilco Wisse 2013 2014 Andy Zaidman NFI Authorship Identification and Verification of JavaScript Source Code: An Evaluation of Techniques
Daco Harkes 2013 2014 Eelco Visser SERG Unifying and Generalizing Relations in Role-Based Data Modeling and Navigation (SLE 2014)
David Hartveld 2013 2014 Arie van Deursen SERG, UIUC An Empirical Evaluation of and Toolkit for Asynchronous Programming in C# Windows Phone Apps
Mircea Cadariu 2013 2014 Eric Bouwers, Arie van Deursen SIG Tracking known security vulnerabilities in third-party components
Cosmin Marsavina 2013 2014 Daniele Romano, Andy Zaidman SERG Studying Fine-Grained Co-Evolution Patterns of Production and Test Code
Chris Melman 2011 2014 Danny Groenewegen, Eelco Visser SERG A Generative Approach for Data Synchronization between Web and Mobile Applications
Johan Laanstra 2013 2014 Arie van Deursen SERG, Microsoft Offline Data and Synchronization for a Mobile Backend as a Service system
Erik Ammerlaan 2013 2014 Andy Zaidman Exact Effects of Refactoring on Productivity in relation to Code Understandability

Completed in 2013

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Oskar van Rest 2012 2013 Guido Wachsmuth, Eelco Visser, Jim Steel Queensland Robust Real-Time Synchronization between Textual and Graphical Editors
Wouter van Koppen 2012 2013 Eelco Visser, Ulrik Schultz U. South Denmark The MetaForma? Language: A DSL to Program the ATRON Self-Reconfigurable Robot
Elmer van Chastelet 2010 2013 Eelco Visser, Danny Groenewegen SERG A Domain-Specific Language for Internal Site Search
Chris Gersen 2010 2013 Eelco Visser, Danny Groenewegen SERG ORM Optimization through Automatic Prefetching in WebDSL
Ricky Lindeman 2009 2013 Eelco Visser SERG Declaratively Defining Domain-Specific Language Debuggers
Nathan Bruning 2009 2013 Eelco Visser, Danny Groenewegen SERG Separate Compilation as a Separate Concern: A Framework for Language-Independent Selective Recompilation
Andre Vieira 2011 2013 Lennart Kats, Eelco Visser SERG A Generic and Automatic Test Strategy for Compiler Testing
Joey Siades 2012 2013 Gerd Gross Adyen Identifying Anomalies in a Continuous Running Software System through Log Data Extraction
Brian Omoro 2012 2013 Gerd Gross SERG Comparing Ochiai and Relief for Spectrum-based Fault Localization
Henno Schooljan 2010 2014 Gerd Gross Berner & Mattner Test Sequence Validation and Generation using Classification Trees
Alex Nederlof 2013 2013 Arie van Deursen, Ali Mesbah SERG, UBC Analyzing web applications: An empirical study
Junior Garcia 2012 2013 Arie van Deursen, Rini van Solingen Soltegro Visualization of Sys-ML Project Meta-Model Architecture and Evolution
Źmicier Žaleźničenka 2012 2013 Andy Zaidman TomTom Automated detection of performance regressions in web applications using association rule mining
Jelle Fresen 2011 2013 Martin Pinzger, Andy Zaidman SERG Analyzing web applications by visualizing their state-flow graphs
Phil Hunte 2012 2013 Georgios Gousios, Andy Zaidman Avanade A new approach to managing data model and database co-evolution
Jos Kraaijeveld 2012 2013 Andy Zaidman, Eric Bouwers SIG Exploring Characteristics of Code churn
Maria Kalouda 2013 2013 Daniele Romano, Andy Zaidman SERG Analyzing the Evolution of WSDL Interfaces using Metrics
Jerry de Swart 2012 2013 Andy Zaidman Exact Selecting Bug-prone Components to Study the Effectiveness of Reengineering and Unit Testing
Wouter Willems 2012 2013 Andy Zaidman SERG Measuring time distribution of engineering test and production code
Bert Dekkers 2011 2013 Andy Zaidman SERG Field of Threads
Ben Sedee 2012 2013 Martin Pinzger, Felienne Hermans SERG, Infotron Copy-Paste Detection in Spreadsheets
Willem Bult 2011 2013 Eelco Visser Stanford Musubi: Middleware for Secure Mobile Collaborative Applications
Richard Vogelij 2011 2013 Lennart Kats, Karl Kalleberg, Eelco Visser SERG Generating Web-based Semantically Aware Source Code Editors

Completed in 2012

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Pieter Senster 2010 2011 Eelco Visser Google Swiffy: Tranforming Flash to HTML5
Paulius Raila 2011 2012 Daniele Romano, Martin Pinzger SERG The Impact of Antipatterns on the Change-Proneness of Software Systems
Gabriel Konat 2011   Lennart Kats, Karl Kalleberg, Eelco Visser SERG Language-Parametric Incremental and Parallel Name Resolution
John Horn Lopes 2011 2012 Gerd Gross SERG Evaluation of Behavior-Driven Development
Xander Verheij 2010 2012 Rini van Solingen SERG Transparency in actions on requirements
Peter Dijkshoorn 2011 2012 Andy Zaidman Adyen Throughput rates of Simple Operations when Scaling-out with RDBMS and NoSQL Databases
Gijs van der Hoorn 2008 2012 Gerd Gross 3ME Performance Analysis of Middleware for Component-Based Robot Control Software
Remy Alidarso 2011 2012 Andy Zaidman KPMG Measuring developer awareness affecting software quality after introducing an automated build process
Didier Liauw 2009 2012 Martin Pinzger SERG ArchWiki: Using Web 2.0 for Architecture Knowledge Management
Marco Krikke 2009 2012 Martin Pinzger SERG Investigating the usefulness of stack traces in bug triaging
Joep Weijers 2011 2012 Andy Zaidman TOPDesk Extending Project Lombok to improve JUnit tests
Tjon Tsoe Jin 2009 2012 Gerd Gross Logica Combining TestFrame with Web Services: an automated testing approach
Gert-Jan Deen 2011 2012 Gerd Gross Logica Service Performance Monitoring
Joost-Wim Boekesteijn 2011 2012 Andy Zaidman M-Industries JavaScript Code Quality Analysis (under embargo)
Gosse Bouma 2011 2012 Andy Zaidman SERG Studying the Effext of Code Clone Size on Clone Evolution
Milan Senesi 2011 2012 Gerd Gross SERG Black-Box assessment of Web systems security
Joel van den Berg 2011 2012 Gerd Gross SERG Finding faulty components in a dynamic distributed system at runtime
Tobi Vollebregt 2010 2012 Eelco Visser, Lennart Kats SERG Declarative specification of template-based textual editors
Nigel Karsidi 2011 2012 Martin Pinzger SERG, CGS Managing Software Design Erosion with Design Conformance Checking
René Pingen 2011 2012 Martin Pinzger, Daniele Romano SERG Investigation of the impact of cohesion on the change-proneness of Java interfaces
Leon van Delft 2010 2012 Michaela Greiler, Arie van Deursen DSW Automated GUI Testing in Industry
Mathieu Brüning 2009 2012 Martin Pinzger Obymobi Native Cross-platform Mobile Application Development Using Voind

Completed in 2011

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Bob de Vos 2010 2011 Kees Pronk, Lennart Kats SERG EpiSpin: an Eclipse Plug-in for Promela and Spin
Paolo Schipani 2010 2011 Ali Mesbah, Arie van Deursen UBC, SERG End User Involvement in Exploratory Test Automation for Web Applications
Sverre Rabbelier 2010 2011 Eelco Visser, Lennart Kats SERG Code Distribution
Niels Cobben 2010 2011 Martin Pinzger SERG Visualizing the Local Neighborhood for Supporting Debugging with DA4Java
Nami Nasserazad 2010 2011 Eelco Visser, Zef Hemel SERG DSL Re-targetability
Firas Alhassany 2010 2011 Hans Geers Mercator TMM-Based Process Improvement
Remco Steelink 2008 2011 Gerd Gross SERG Aspect-Oriented Built-in Testing for Services
Simon Sabelis 2009 2011 Martin Pinzger SERG, MEDIA MIJ Re-Engineering Web Applications to Single Sign-On
Dimitrios Athanasiou 2010 2011 Andy Zaidman SIG Constructing a Test Code Quality Model and Empirically Assessing its Relation to Issue Handling Performance
Torfinn Berset 2009 2011 Gerd Gross IMEC MATLAB to Fixed-Point C Code Generation and its Application to Real-Time Heartbeat Detection
Bas van Nuland 2010 2011 Andy Zaidman SERG, TBM A Service Oriented Architecture Solution for Gaming Simulation Suites
Ruben Wieman 2009 2011 Martin Pinzger SERG Anti-Pattern Scanner: An Approach to Detect Anti-Patterns and Design Violations
Ralph Peters 2010 2011 Andy Zaidman SERG Evaluating the Lifespan of Code Smells in a Software System using Software Repository Mining
Victor Hurdugaci 2010 2011 Andy Zaidman SERG Aiding Software Developers to Test with TestNForce

Completed in 2010

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Stefan Lenselink 2009 2010 Ali Mesbah, Arie van Deursen SERG, Google Concurrent Multi-browser Crawling of Ajax-based Web Applications
Frank Groeneveld 2009 2010 Ali Mesbah SERG, Tam Tam Automatic Invariant Finding in Dynamic Web Applications
Paul Metselaar 2008 2010 Andy Zaidman Exact Software Component Diagram Recovery with Dynamic Analysis
Martijn Reijerse 2009 2010 Rini van Solingen TomTom International B.V. Capturing and Predicting the Integration Process of an Embedded Software Company
Andre Cunha 2010 2010 Martin Pinzger, Rui Maranhao SERG, University of Porto An Empirical Investigation of Source Code Metrics and FindBugs? Warnings
Hsiao Hui Mui 2009 2010 Andy Zaidman SERG Detecting Late Propagations in Code Clone Evolution
Menno den Hollander 2008 2010 Andy Zaidman, Cathal Boogerd Logica Automatic Unit Test Generation
Remco Luitwieler 2009 2010 Gerd Gross Logica A Selection Method for Model-Driven Development Tools
Tom Pesman 2009 2010 Gerd Gross Logica Software maintenance in a Data Distribution Service with Complex Event Processing
Nick Matthijssen 2008 2010 Andy Zaidman, Arie van Deursen SERG, University of Victoria Understanding Ajax Applications by using Trace Analysis
Angelov Zdravko 2008 2010 Gerd Gross IBM Architecture framework in support of effort estimation of legacy systems modernization towards a SOA environment
Danny Roest 2008 2010 Ali Mesbah SERG, Google Automated Regression Testing of Ajax Web Applications
Boaz Pat-El 2008 2010 Sander Vermolen, Arie van Deursen Avanade, TU Delft Improving the Testability of Code Generation for Microsoft DSL Tools
Bart Luijten 2008 2010 Andy Zaidman SIG The Influence of Software Maintainability on Issue Handling

Completed in 2009

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Christian Visser 2008 2009 Rini van Solingen Exact Software Customer Involvement in Distributed Requirements Engineering
Menno Valkema 2008 2009 Rini van Solingen Exact Software Automatic Status Updates in Exacts Global Development Process
Rik van der Sanden 2008 2009 Zef Hemel, Arie van Deursen Avanade Accessing Azure: Using Cloud databases from static programming environments
Michel Weststrate 2008 2009 Eelco Visser, Danny Groenewegen SERG Abstractions for Asynchronous User Interfaces in Web Applications
Kishenkumar Bhaggan 2008 2009 Hans Geers, Arie van Deursen DSW Test Automation in Practice
Paul Taverne 2007 2009 Kees Pronk TUD RAFFS: Model Checking a Robust Abstract Flash File Store
Frank Mulder 2008 2009 Andy Zaidman SWERL Identifying Cross Cutting Concerns Using Software Repository Mining
Dennis de Bode 2008 2009 Gerd Gross ISM eCompany Cost-Effectiveness of Test-Driven Development
Kevin Dullemond and Ben van Gameren 2008 2009 Rini van Solingen SWERL Technological support for distributed agile development
Iljaas Habiboellah 2006 2009 Bas Graaf, Peter Kluit Getronics PinkRoccade MDA
Wouter Mouw 2007 2009 Eelco Visser De Amersfoortse Harvesting web-application descriptions from legacy code
Jonathan Guzman Carmona 2008 2009 Lennart Kats, Eelco Visser TOPDesk Yield Functionality Revisited
Justin Boekestijn 2007 2009 Ali Mesbah TOPDesk Testing advanced Web interfaces
Ruben Verhaaf 2008 2009 Eelco Visser, Zef Hemel NICTA Sydney Web Work Flow, a Workflow Modeling Language for Web Applications
Cor-Paul Bezemer 2008 2009 Arie van Deursen, Ali Mesbah Exact Software Testing Security in Ajax Web Widget Interactions
Sander van der Burg 2007 2009 Eelco Visser Philips Research Model-driven Distributed Software Deployment
Michiel de Wit 2008 2009 Andy Zaidman TUD Managing Clones Using Dynamic Change Tracking and Resolution

Completed in 2008

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Marc de Hoop 2007 2008 Arjan van Gemund ESL Analytical Cost Estimation for Embedded Systems
Yu Zhang 2007 2008 Leon Moonen Gerd Gross NLNCSA, ASSESS Project Automating Source Based Software Security Evaluation
Edwin Vielvoye 2007 2008 Kees Pronk TUD Using MDA to generate a Spin2Java translator
Jippe Holwerda 2007 2008 Eelco Visser ATOS Declaratively styling webapplications
Jodi van Oenen 2007 2008 Gerd Gross TASS Evolutionary Testing
Roland Voets 2007 2008 Bas Cornelissen TUD JRET: A Tool for the Reconstruction of Sequence Diagrams from Program Executions
Dennis Learbuch 2007 2008 Gerd Gross Getronics Architecture Renovation / Component Extraction
Sander Triebert 2007 2008 Gerd Gross Getronics Pink Roccade Deployment of Automated Testing Tools within a Maintenance Testing Environment
Vahid Gharavi 2007 2008 Ali Mesbah West Consulting Model-driven Development of Ajax Applications
Gerardo de Geest 2006 2008 Eelco Visser, Sander Vermolen, Arie van Deursen Avanade Evolution of DSLs with an application to webservices
Zeeger Lubsen 2007 2008 Andy Zaidman Software Improvement Group, Reconstructor Project Studying Co-evolution of Production and Test Code Using Association Rule Mining
Danny Groenewegen 2006 2008 Eelco Visser TUD Declarative specification of access control for web-application
Gijs Peek 2006 2008 Marius Marin, Arie van Deursen SWERL Test Patterns for Aspect-Oriented Software Development
Nick Geerts 2006 2008 Hans Geers Enigmatry; Erasmus Universiteit An simulation environment for the human immune system
Mario Plasencia 2007 2008 Rui Abreu, Arjan van Gemund ESL, Universidad de Valladolid Automatic Error Detection of Embedded Programs
Wim van Gool 2006 2007 Leon Moonen InfoSupport Java Path Profiling to Assess the Quality of Unit Tests based on Test Case Isomorphism
Maikel Lobbezoo 2007 2008 Ali Mesbah Guerrilla Games Performance and Scalability constraints of Ajax-Based Web Applications
Bastiaan Pierhagen 2006 2008 Andy Zaidman InfoSupport Applying Frameworks to Increase Productivity For Small Application Development
Robin van der Rijst 2006 2008 Marius Marin, Arie van Deursen SWERL Tool Support for Automatic Migration to Aspect-Oriented Programming

Completed in 2007

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Maarten Schilt 2006 2007 Andy Zaidman InfoSupport Applying Model-Driven Development to Reduce Programming Efforts for Small Application Development
Engin Bozdag 2006 2007 Ali Mesbah BackbaseBV Push Server in Ajax Technology
Mulo Emmanuel 2007 2007 Andy Zaidman, Arie van Deursen Philips Medical Systems Design for Testability in Software Systems
Rob Schellhorn 2006 2007 Eelco Visser Finalist Framework Aware Domain Extraction and Refactoring of Java Applications
Rahmat Adnan 2006 2007 Bas Graaf SWERL, Ideals Project Reconstruction of state behaviour from (ASML) source code
Peter Hordijk 2004 2007 Marco Lormans, Ali Mesbah, Arie van Deursen KPMG Crosscutting concerns in web applications
Maurits Hartman 2006 2007 Arjan van Gemund Universiteit van Valladolid Embedded Systems for Biometric Identification
Alberto Gonzalez Sanchez 2007 2007 Rui Abreu, Arjan van Gemund ESL, Universidad de Valladolid Automatic Error Detection Techniques Based on Dynamic Invariants
Jonathan Joubert 2006 2007 Eelco Visser Finalist From REST to Rich: Retargeting a DSL to Ajax
Eric de Backer 2006 2007 Leon Moonen, Cathal Boogerd SWERL, ASSESS Project An Infrastructure for Empirical Software Analysis Studies
Etienne Gerts 2006 2007 Gerd Gross Empty Quarter B.V. EMV Credit Card Certification Process
Thomas Kraus 2006 2007 Gerd Gross Chess IT Generating system documentation augmented with traceability information, using a central XML-based repository
Carsten Krauter 2006 2007 Gerd Gross TU Delft, SE An Automatic Approach for VDM to Lydia-Model Transformation
Jeroen Dobbe 2006 2007 Eelco Visser Canibal Games A Domain-Specific Language for Computer Games
Marco Glorie 2006 2007 Andy Zaidman, Arie van Deursen Philips Medical Systems, Reconstructor Project Repository Splitting and Remodularization
Zheng Shen 2005 2007 Marco Lormans LogicaCMG, Reconstructor Project Requirements Management
Chaoyong Han 2005 2007 Hans Geers,Leon Moonen SWERL, Reconstructor Project Migration of existing software to use the KOALA component model
Yves Bourgois 2006 2007 Gerd Gross ESL Design and Verification of Concurrent Real-Time Systems using SDL and MSC
Rafi Vayani 2006 2007 Rui Abreu, Arjan van Gemund ESL, TraderProject Fault Diagnosis of Embedded Programs
Robin van Schendel 2005 2007 Leon Moonen NLNCSA, ASSESS Project Reducing Software Security Assessment Efforts by Determining Potentially Exploitable Subsystems
G.L. Cheng 2006 2007 Leon Moonen Software Improvement Group, ASSESS Project Static Detection of Java Security Vulnerabilities

Completed in 2006

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Denis de Leeuw 2005 2006 Arjan van Gemund ESL Mapping Algorithms to Silicon
Sijmen Woutersen 2006 2006 Arjan van Gemund ESL X32: A 32-bit FPGA Softcore and Tool Chain
Wei Zhang 2005 2006 Jurryt Pietersma, Arjan van Gemund ESL, TangramProject Approximate Entropy Calculation in Model-Based Diagnosis
Willem Ridderhof 2006 2006 Gerd Gross, Arjan van Gemund Daimler Chrysler Research An Approach to Automatic Generation of Safety Cases Based on Trace Management
Dirk-Jan van Dijk 2005 2006 Hans Geers TNO FEL Scaleable Multi Agent Systems
Bobby Bregman 2005 2006 Kees van der Meer, Arie van Deursen Fortis Chain Monitoring for Web Services
Ewout Vonk 2005 2006 Hans Geers Mobidot How to deploy a Wi-Fi service provider independent hot spot network
Rodrigo Arriata Lopez 2005 2006 Arjan van Gemund ESL, PGS Analytical Cache Performance Modeling
Bo Wang 2005 2006 Kees Pronk TUDelft SE GUI for modelcheckers
Atam Gangaram Panday 2005 2006 Frans Ververs Cochin University Predicting Fault-Proneness using Coupling Metrics
Pieter Hartman 2004 2006 Leon Moonen Aegon Exploring for Architecture: "beyond module viewtype"
David Barrientos Velasco 2005 2006 Gerd Gross SWERL Testability Analysis for Real-Time Software
Wouter Lindhoud 2005 2006 Gerd Gross, Arjan van Gemund Philips Medical Automated Fault-Diagnosis at Philips Medical Systems
Arjan Seesing 2005 2006 Gerd Gross, Arie van Deursen SWERL Test Case Generation Using Genetic Programming and Software Analysis
Hans Wasmus 2005 2006 Gerd Gross EPCOS Test-Driven Software Development
Thijs Reus 2004 2006 Hans Geers, Arie van Deursen Fortis, IOSoftware Harvesting legacy systems to support migration to MDA
Niek Wesseling 2004 2006 Hans Geers Fei Company; TU Delft TNW Televiewing of electron microscope pictures
Andries van Waas 2005 2006 Peter Kluit QQQ Delft B.V. Automatische programmageneratie uit rekenmodelspecificaties
Auke Bajema, Benny Coomans 2005 2006 Peter Kluit Albatros Creating a Semantic DBMS

Completed in 2005

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Balàsz Zagyvai 2005 2005 Kees Pronk TUDelft SE, Budapest Univ. of Technology and Economics Software Decomposition Paradigms and Automated Composition Techniques in Generative Programming
Mohammad Sobat 2004 2005 Hans Geers Mobidot An UMTS based mobile phone application
Duncan Doyle 2004 2005 Hans Geers, Arie van Deursen Fortis Model Transformation of Domain-Specific Models
Hok Kwan Kan 2004 2005 Kees Pronk CWI Coordination Languages
Koen Egelink 2004 2005 Leon Moonen ESI, ASML Multi-Version Software Analysis to Detect Architectural Mismatches
Kevin Bouwmeester 2005 2005 Leon Moonen Dutch Space GridAssist Middleware Interoperability Through Scenario Based Software Architecture Assessment
Lin Yang 2005 2005 Bas Graaf SWERL MOOSE project On A Model To Evaluate Modifiability At The Software Architectural Level
Kevin Bouwmeester & Hans Wasmus 2004 2005 Leon Moonen SWERL Techniques and Architectures to Enhance the Reliability of Embedded Software (research assignment)
Chavdar Bachvarov 2004 2005 Leon Moonen Philips Research Security Architectures for Sharing of Distributed Resources in Community Based Systems
Rob van der Leek 2003 2005 Leon Moonen Software Improvement Group Implementation Strategies For Island Grammars
Stefan Slinger 2003 2005 Leon Moonen SWERL Code Smell Detection in Eclipse
Wilfred Krol 2000 2005 Kees Pronk, Peter Kluit TUDelft SE Reification in VDM++
T.T.T. Le 2005 2005 Frans Ververs TU Delft, SE On the Performance - Maintenance Balance in OO Systems
Robert-Jan de Pauw 2004 2005 Frans Ververs Philips Solving recurrent UI-related problems in X-ray prototype development
Jan Jongerden 2003 2005 Frans Ververs Czech Technical University, OGD Software Advanced String Search
David Koh 2004 2005 Frans Ververs Min. van Waterstaat Ontwerp en implementatie van de TIC communicatielaag
Rosa Frederico da Silva 2003 2005 Frans Ververs BitbyBit Information Systems Het formaatsysteem

Completed in 2004

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Yohanes Darmawan Siauw 2003 2004 Marco Lormans LogicaCMG Tailoring the Requirements Engineering Process
Orlando Mendez 2003 2004 Marius Marin, Arie van Deursen, Leon Moonen SWERL Aspect Mining Using Clone Detection
Xiao Lei 2003 2004 Bas Graaf SWERL, Philips PDSL, MOOSE project Documenting Software Architectures
Pieter van der Spek 2003 2004 Kees Pronk, N. Plat West Consulting The Overture Project; Designing an open source tool set
Rene Pronk 2003 2004 Hans Geers Smartside Automatisch classificatie van tekstdocumenten met behulp van het Nearest Neighbour algoritme
Jun Chen 2003 2004 Hans Geers Intraffic Holland Railconsult System Architecture for Open Access to the VPT-PRL system
Bart Schulte 2003 2004 Kees Pronk, T. Heyer SWOV Developing an interactive driving simulator using game middleware
Niels van der Knaap 2002 2004 Frans Ververs BitbyBit Information Systems Uitbreiding van ODBMS-functionaliteit t.b.v. planningssysteem IRIS
Maarten van Baarsel 2003 2004 Frans Ververs TU Delft Betrouwbare overdracht van rechtmatig onderschept Internetverkeer
Martin Postma 2002 2004 Frans Ververs West Consulting, SERG Interactive specification of user interface logic
Xander Temperman 2002 2004 Frans Ververs Trin-IT Consultants Hergebruik en overdraagbaarheid in de praktijk
M. van Lent 2003 2004 Frans Ververs TNO-FEL Tactical information distribution using peer-to-peer technology
Rikkert Nachtegaal 2003 2004 Frans Ververs TNO-FEL Communication-based traffic optimisation

Completed in 2003

Name Start End Supervisor(s) Site Topic
Maikel Pennings 2003 2003 Frans Ververs GeorgiaTech, Atlanta, USA Alias Analysis for Java Design and Evaluation
M. Kooke 2002 2003 Frans Ververs Walvis Software B.V. EDI met XML
L.Y.R. Hofman 2002 2003 Frans Ververs TNO-FEL CEDRIC: Collaborative Environnement for Disaster Relief with Integrated Communication
Y. Jin 2003 2003 Frans Ververs Philips Knowledge Management in the e-Platform
Q. Shao 2003 2003 Frans Ververs ASML XML-Java Data Binding technology
Hailong Yu 2002 2003 Kees Pronk, Frans Ververs SERG The Driving Simulator; Studies of realistic control behaviour in a desktop driving environment
Mu Shuang 2002 2003 Hans Geers ASML Object Oriented design and implementation of embedded test software at ASML
Maarten van Schouwen 2002 2003 Frans Ververs SERG A Workbench for Automatic Recognition of Facial Expressions
Ali Mesbah 2002 2003 Frans Ververs West Consulting Designing An XML-based CMS (XMS)

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