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Main.MohammadSobatr1.1 - 31 May 2007 - 08:52 - HansGeers

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Mobile communication brings deep changes to our everyday lives. The launch of 3rd generation mobile systems in 2001 in Japan and from 2002 throughout the rest of the world enables us to communicate at anytime and anywhere using a variety of services which have until now, only been available to fixed network users. In 2003, T-Mobile and TU Delft held a contest to design a UMTS based service that has to stimulate the use of UTMS. The t-info concept won the price. The essence of this concept is to develop a killer app to make it possible to get information anywhere and anytime in very userfriendly way.

The goal of this project is to implement a prototype of the t-info concept, which runs on a mobile phone device. This application will be able to establish a wireless connection to the server and start communication. This communication will be based on XML, which makes the application dynamic and powerful. The application also uses a media framework, which give the ability to play multi-media files on mobile phone.

This project started with a research, which investigated how mobile devices can be extended in their functionality to support the t-info concept. It covered areas, such mobile phone operating system, programming languages, networking and global positioning systems on mobile phone.

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