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-- GerdGross - 08 Oct 2007

Maurits Hartman

Bio-SPHERE a Service-Oriented Biometrics Platform


This thesis describes the proceedings of the Bio-SPHERE project. The main goal of this project was to create a flexible and extendable biometrics platform that serves as a tool to do various single and multimodal biometric experiments later in the project. The platform, which is also called Bio-SPHERE , takes the form of a network of cooperating nodes in order to combine biometrics that might be implemented on different operating systems. The biometrics are wrapped inside pluggable modules that can be loaded into the platform at the userís behest. The biometric functionality contained in the module is made available in the form of services. This service-oriented architecture allows for a great degree of freedom for the users of those services. By creating different compositions of the biometrics services it is possible to perform various multimodal biometrics experiments with different biometric modes using different fusion methods.

Besides the platform, a keystroking biometric was created which was used in the experimentation. keystroking biometrics is a light-weight biometric that is fairly simple to implement but offers a low biometric performance. Various approaches to keystroking were investigated using a database that is maintained at the University of Valladolid. For the final multimodal experimentation this biometric was fused with a hand geometry biometric in various ways in order to achieve an error rate that is considerably lower than any of the individual biometrics.

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