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Main.MTSr1.4 - 03 May 2011 - 14:02 - CorPaulBezemer

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Multi-Tenant Software (MTS) Systems

Multi-tenant software systems are a new breed of hosted software applications, whereby a service-provider installs one such application that is concurrently used by several of its customers. The ideas behind multi-tenant systems are closely related to the Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) paradigm, in the sense that service that are available on the market will act as multi-tenant software systems.

As such, we have defined a number of research questions that this project aims to solve are:

  • What is an efficient architecture for multi-tenant systems?
  • What insights does the Architectural Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) provide us with the current architecture and other possible architectural styles for multi-tenant systems?
  • How can software architectures be evaluated in terms of scalability?
  • What data model offers optimal scalability for multi-tenant systems?
  • How should variation points be defined in order to optimize configurability in multi-tenant systems?
  • How should these applications be tested (thread-safeness, dynamic configurability, )?

This project runs in close collaboration with Exact Software, where we will follow an industry-as-laboratory research-style, meaning that actual research problems are drawn from industry and that researched solutions are tried out immediately in the industrial context.

Project team



We are seeking enthusiastic students interested in doing research for their master's thesis in the area of multi-tenant software systems and overload detection and prediction. The Master student is expected to do high-quality research together with our industrial partner (Exact Software).

If you like more information about this opportunity, please contact Cor-Paul Bezemer

-- CorPaulBezemer - 03 May 2011


If you are looking for Wedjat (ICSM 2012 paper), our performance analysis tool, please contact Cor-Paul Bezemer. As the tool is currently under heavy development we have not made it publically available yet, but in case you are interested we can send you an alpha release.

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