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Koen Egelink

Multi-Version Software Analysis to Detect Architectural Mismatches

A software repository is a special kind of information system maintaining information about one or more software components. The information may range from software code to design and requirement specifications, design decisions, test data, software versions and configurations.

Software repository data are available for most large software projects and represent a detailed record of the development of a software system. Software repositories are not only useful to record development history, this data can also be used to study various aspects of software development such as software design and architecture.

In this thesis we investigate whether the problems of increased effort encountered during code changes at ASML are caused by an inappropriate software architecture. To answer this question, we use software repository mining techniques to find evidence of architectural problems.

The thesis consists of two main parts: a literature study in software repository mining and a case study in which we conduct various mining experiments on ASML source code.


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