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Kevin Dullemond

Kevin Dullemond is a PhD candidate at the Delft University of Technology since October 2009. In 2004 Kevin started at the Technical University in Delft with the Bachelor Technical Informatics from which he graduated in 2007 with honors. In the Bachelor Project he did to finish the study he developed Spidre for a small company called Cope with three other students. Spidre is a web-based program which helps to standardize purchasing data. Following the Bachelor, Kevin started with the Computer Science master in 2007 and graduated with honors in 2009. In the Master project he did to finish the study he researched the advantages and challenges of the combining the agile and distributed development approaches and how technological support is best applied to deal with these. It was supervised by Rini van Solingen and Arie van Deursen. Kevin carried out this research project as a joint effort with Ben van Gameren, also one of the people he did his Bachelor project with. Also part of the research was a 'knowledge group' consisting of five Dutch Software Engineering companies: Exact Software, IHomer, Mavim, SDL Tridion and Xebia. The research group would meet up with Ben, Rini and Kevin on a monthly basis and discuss the concepts identified during the research and help develop new ideas. The research resulted in a Master thesis and a publication to the International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE) discussing a framework of technological support for Global Software Engineering (GSE). Both the publication and the Master thesis can be found on this site on the 'publications' and 'other publications' tabs respectively.

Following his graduation Kevin decided he enjoyed his cooperation with Ben van Gameren, the supervision by Rini van Solingen and Arie van Deursen and research in general and decided to continue his academic career by becoming a PhD candidate. As a PhD candidate he again works together with Ben van Gameren, who also chose to become a PhD candidate, and is supervised by Rini van Solingen and Arie van Deursen. The subject of the research which is conducted during the PhD is quite related to the research conducted during the Master project. It however takes another angle, instead of focusing on aspects of agile software development it focuses on restoring the awareness in distributed teams: the knowledge about the work-context necessary for coordinating actions, managing coupling, discussing tasks, anticipating others' actions, and finding help. We called the project we conduct this research in ASPIC (publications and more information can be found there).

In the PhD Kevin is employed both by the TU Delft and IHomer. The main advantage of this dual-appointment is that IHomer provides a setting which is particularly suitable to carry out the research because IHomer standardized working from home often and thus they often work in a distributed fashion.

Kevin can be contacted at:

Delft University of Technology
Room HB 8.300
Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD
Delft, The Netherlands

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