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Main.KevinBouwmeesterr1.1 - 19 Sep 2005 - 07:38 - ArieVanDeursen

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Kevin Bouwmeester

GridAssist Middleware Interoperability Through Scenario Based Software Architecture Assessment

This thesis describes the work done on adapting a grid computing client application. This tool, called GridAssist, was extended with a middleware framework to support multiple grid middleware environments. This framework can easily switch between protocols and services in order to allow simultaneous execution on resources that di®er in grid middleware environment. With this framework it is possible to reach a larger amount of grid resources. In addition, the adaptations were investigated with software architecture assessment methods, in order to assure that the quality requirements are still met. This assessment focusses particulary on modiŻability, portability and usability, which should not degrade by the design adaptations. Finally, a prototype of GridAssist that is compatible with the second and the fourth version of the Globus toolkit was delivered.


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kevin-bouwmeester-sept-2005.pdf manage 1536.4 K 19 Sep 2005 - 07:37 ArieVanDeursen MSc thesis by Kevin Bouwmeester

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