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Ideals Project

The Ideals project aims to develop a software desing methodology that realizes the structured composition of software from separate modules, while handling system-wide interacting aspects of a problem domain. The results of the project are essential for the engineering of next generation complex embedded systems. The anticipated results of the Ideals project are new methods for architecting, analyzing, and implementing systems according to an 'aspect-oriented' philosophy. They lead to a higher level of separation of concerns and a more modular implementation of systems. The proposed methods include the analysis and incremental renovation of existing software systems. ASML wafer scanners are taken as a case study and act as drivers for the project.

Our present research activities are focused on analyzing concerns such as error handling, tracing, and parameter checking in ASML's C code base, making use of clone detection, program slicing, and program transformation techniques.

Project members include

  • Arie van Deursen
  • Bas Graaf
  • Magiel Bruntink (CWI)
  • Tom Tourwé (formerly CWI, now SIRRIS)
  • Maja d'Hondt (formerly CWI, now IMEC)

Other partners of the project are

  • ASML
  • Embedded Systems Institute (ESI)
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Twente University
  • CWI


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