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Main.IN4073r1.2 - 02 Nov 2006 - 16:03 - ArieVanDeursen

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Ms Course in4073: Embedded Real-Time Systems

This course comes with a lab project in which students develop an embedded control unit for a tethered electrical model helicopter, in order to provide stabilization such that it can hover and fly, with only limited user control. The control algorithm must be mapped onto a Linux PC in conjunction with an FPGA board that communicates with the sensors and actuators on the helicopter. The students will be exposed to simple physics, electronics, sensors, actuators, basic control principles, helicopter simulators, and, of course, embedded software.

This is a 6 ECTS elective course that is part of the computer science and computer engineering master curricula. From 2006 it will also be a compulsory course for the new embedded systems master curriculum. The course is taught by Arjan van Gemund twice a week in the second half of the second semester. This course builds on the knowledge and experience gained in the more basic real-time system course IN4024, and has a much stronger focus on software/hardware integration. You find more information on the course page.

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