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Main.IN4024r1.2 - 02 Nov 2006 - 16:03 - ArieVanDeursen

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Ms Course in4024: Real-Time Systems

This course introduces and discusses the fundamental concepts of real-time system construction. It presents an overview of where real-time requirements are actually coming from and how they can be dealt with at a high level of abstraction as part of a contemporary development method. The development method acts as a framework in which any system construction effort is carried out, so it provides the primary thread through the course. Additional subjects that will be treated comprise timing under Linux and RTAI, best- and worst-case execution time analysis, scheduling, and validation of timing requirements.

This is a 6 ECTS elective course and part of the computer science and computer engineering master curricula at TU Delft, and it will be a compulsory course for the new embedded systems master curriculum which is due to start in 2006. The course is taught by Hans-Gerhard Gross twice a week in the second half of the first (winter-) semester. This is an introduction course to the subject and it builds the basis for IN4073. You find more information on the course page or in the TU Delft blackboard system.

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