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Main.HokKwanKanr1.1 - 03 Mar 2006 - 20:16 - ArieVanDeursen

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Hok Kwan Kan

Design and implementation of an editor and simulators for constraint automata in the context of Reo

The coordination language Reo offers a flexible framework for compositionally constructing software systems out of components through connectors. These connectors not only connect components with each other, but also exogenously coordinate the interactions between them. The connectors themselves are compositionally built out of simpler connectors, where the simplest connectors are a set of user-defined channels with well-defined behavior. Formal semantics can be given to Reo using constraint automata and timed data streams. Constraint automata can be seen as an extension of the finite automata, where the language accepted by an automaton is specified by using timed data streams. In this thesis we describe the design and implementation of a tool for constraint automata consisting of an editor and three simulators. The constraint automata editor allows users to visually construct and modify constraint automata. The first simulator for constraint automata acts as a language acceptor of timed data streams. The second one simulates a constraint automaton as a Reo connector where the input is defined as timed data streams. The third simulator simulates a constraint automaton as a Reo connector where components are attached to. These components deliver the input at real-time instead of using predefined timed data streams.

* SEN-E0512.pdf: Msc Thesis Hok Kwan Kan


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