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dr. phil. Hans-Gerhard Gross 790270399_276931bf9f_s.jpg




  • IN2305-II Embedded Programming (BSc/MSc), Q2-07/08, Q2-08/09
  • IN4024 Introduction to Real-Time Systems (MSc), Q4-04/05, Q3-05/06, Q2-06/07, Q2-07/08, Q2-08/09, Q2-09/10
  • IN4091 System Specification Models (MSc), Q3-07/08, Q3-08/09, Q3-09/10

Individual Coaching

  • IN3405 Bachelor Project (BSc)
  • IN4140 Research Assignment (MSc)
  • IN4100 Master Project (MSc)



Projects ComponentsEmbedded.jpg



Recent Publications

  • H.-G. Gross, M. Lormans, J. Tretmans. Proceedings of the 2009 ESEC/FSE workshop on Software integration and evolution @ runtime.
ACM, 2009.

  • T. Kanstrén, E. Piel, A.Gonzalez, H.-G. Gross. Observation-Based Modeling for Testing Highly Dependable Systems – A Practitioner’s Approach. In: Workshop on Design of Dependable Critical Systems, Intl. Conf. on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, Hamburg, Sept. 15--18, 2009.

  • A. González-Sanchez, E. Piel, H.-G. Gross. Ritmo: A method for runtime testability measurement and optimisation. In 9th International Conference on Quality Software (QSIC09), Jeju, South Korea, August 24--25, 2009. IEEE Reliability Society

  • M. Greiler, H.-G. Gross, K.A. Nasr. Runtime Integration and Testing for Highly Dynamic Service Oriented ICT Solutions. Testing: Academic & Industrial Conference (TAICPART), Windsor, Sept. 4-6, 2009.

  • A. Gonzalez, E. Piel, H.-G. Gross. A Model for the Measurement of the Runtime Testability of Component-based Systems. In: 5th Workshop on Advances in Model Based Testing (A-MOST 2009), 2nd International Conference on Software Testing, Verfication, and Validation (ICST'09), Denver, 2009.

  • E.A.B. Piel, A. Gonzalez, H.-G. Gross. Automating Integration Testing of Large Scale Publish/Subscribe Systems, In: Handbook of Research on Advanced Distributed, Event-Based Systems, Publish/Subscribe, and Message Filtering Technologies, Hintze et. al (Eds.). IGI Global, 2009 (to appear).

  • M. Lormans, A. v. Deursen, H.-G. Gross. An Industrial Case Study in Reconstructing Requirements Views. Empirical Software Engineering, 13(6), 727--760, 2008.


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