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Main.FieldOfThreadsr1.2 - 21 Jun 2013 - 08:35 - AndyZaidman

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Field Of Threads

Field of Threads or FOT is an Eclipse plug-in that generates visualizations that can help in understanding the interactions between threads and fields. Specific to FOT is that its visualization puts the field or variable central and maps the interactions that shaped the value to its current value in sequence. It is our conjecture that this creates a diagram that is closer to the in-mind representation of how software developers understand concurrency.



The zip file contains FOT as an Eclipse plug-in development project. Download it here (10.6MB)

MSc thesis Bert Dekkers

Field of Threads was developed as part of Bert Dekkers' MSc thesis (under the supervision of Andy Zaidman). The MSc thesis of Bert can be found here.

-- AndyZaidman - 20 Jun 2013

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