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Main.ErixInfrastructurer1.4 - 13 Sep 2007 - 07:05 - EricDeBacker

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Erix Infrastructure

An prototype of the Empirical research infrastructure for clustered software (Erix) is now available for testing and evaluation purposes.


First, Nix should be installed. How this is done, can be found at

  • Download the tarball.
  • Extract the tarball to an arbitrary directory.
  • Create a symlink to the pkgs directory in Nix packages, this link must be named pkgs.
  • Erix can now be installed using the command nix-env -f default.nix -i Erix-1.0 .
  • Find the Erix package in the Nix store (erix directory in the most recent profile).
  • Edit the definitionPath variable in to the /nix/store/hash-Erix-1.0/erix/scripts directory
  • Again, create a pkgs symlink to the Nix-packages pkgs directory in the erix directory.
  • The rights of the erix directory must be set to give all users read and write access. This can be done by executing the command chmod -R +w erix.

Now, Erix is fully operational.

I Attachment sort Action Size Date Who Comment
Erix.tar.gz manage 14.1 K 05 Sep 2007 - 11:43 EricDeBacker The Erix installation package.
bm2006_def.erix manage 7.5 K 06 Sep 2007 - 13:02 EricDeBacker An example definition file

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