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Our group teaches the following courses. Credits are in ECTS (The European Credit Transfer System). The period is indicated in quarters: Q1 is the first half of the first semester starting in September. Additional information for most of the courses can also be obtained from

Bachelor Computer Science / "Technische Informatica"

Code Title Teacher(s) Credits Period
TI1206 Object-Oriented Programming Andy Zaidman 5 Q1
TI1216 OOP Project Andy Zaidman 5 Q2
TI1220 Concepts of Programming Languages Eelco Visser 6 Q3+Q4
TI1310 Algorithms and Datastructures Guido Wachsmuth 5 Q3
TI2205 Software Engineering Methods Alberto Bacchelli 5 Q1
TI2800 Context project Alberto Bacchelli 10 Q4
TI1705/TI2210 Software Testing and Quality Engineering Arie van Deursen 5 Q4
IN3305 Bachelor Seminar Andy Zaidman 3 Q3
IN3405 Bachelor Project Felienne Hermans 15 Q3, Q4

Master Computer Science and Master Embedded Systems

Code Title Teacher(s) Credits Period
IN4185 Globally Distributed Software Engineering Rini van Solingen 5 Q2
IN4189 Software Re-engineering Andy Zaidman, Georgios Gousios 5 Q2
IN4190 Seminar Software Evolution Andy Zaidman 5 Q3
IN4303 Compiler Construction Guido Wachsmuth (Eelco Visser) 5 Q1+Q2
IN4308 Model-Driven Software Development Eelco Visser 5 Q3+Q4
IN4313 Seminar Metaprogramming Eelco Visser 5 Q1
IN4315 Software Architecture Arie van Deursen 5 Q3
IN4334 Mining Software Repositories Alberto Bacchelli 5 Q2
IN4389 Reactive Programming Erik Meijer (Arie van Deursen) 5 Q3
IN4355 Functional Programming Erik Meijer (Arie van Deursen) 5 Q1
IN5010 Research Assignment All SERG members 15  
IN4306 Literature Survey All SERG members 10  
IN5000 Final project All SERG members 45  

Remaining Courses / Servicing other Faculties

Past Courses (not taught any more)

Code Title Teacher(s) Credits Years
IN3560 Principles of Programming Languages Eelco Visser 4 2006-2008
IN4075 Software Architecture Reconstruction and Modeling Leon Moonen, Arie van Deursen 4 2003-2007
IN4387 Systems Modeling Kees Pronk 5 -2010
IN4023 Advanced Software Engineering Kees Pronk 6 -2009
IN4343 Real-Time Systems Gerd Gross 5 2005-2012
IN4091 System Specification Models Gerd Gross 5 2005-2012
IN1608WI Introduction to Programming Hans Geers. Felienne Hermans 6 Q1+Q2
TI2611WI/ES Project Software Engineering voor TW Hans Geers 2 Q2
TI3084MSc/TU Programming with C++ (Int. MSc) Hans Geers 3 Q1/Q4
TI3075TU/TI3250TU Programming with Java (Int.MSc) Hans Geers 3/2 Q1

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