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Chavdar Bachvarov

Security Architectures for Sharing of Distributed Resources in Community Based Systems

The amount of digital assets people have grows very rapidly. This holds not only for commercial assets, such as work documents, digital images, etc, but also for a large amount of personal assets created with digital still and video cameras. An important application of these assets is sharing them with relatives, friends, colleagues, members of a sports club or other people belonging to a specific group or community. The sharing can be done while you are in close proximity to each other, by looking at the picture or video on the same device, or while at some distance from each other, by looking at it on di erent devices or even at di erent moments in time. These examples of remote sharing introduce issues with respect to the security and privacy of sharing information. How can assets be easily and securely shared with others? What are the potential concepts that can help consumers to configure easily the remote access to their personal assets?

This report targets those problems in the scope of the Gatewayed Services project of the Software Architectures Group in Philips Research. The project presents the concept of Gatewayed Communities deployed on a Community System somewhere on the Internet. Such a system hosts communities, where people share common assets and even services.

The project described in this paper had two phases. Initially a security architecture was evaluated for the system and a demonstrator for secure asset sharing was implemented, as an extension of the current demonstrator of the Community System. The second part of the project targets the concept of UPnP communities. An UPnP community is a distributed UPnP network, which combines the local UPnP networks of all community members. The second phase introduces UPnP Security in the security architecture of the Community System.


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