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Main.Benevol2012Programr1.8 - 10 Dec 2012 - 08:46 - AndyZaidman

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BENEVOL 2012 Program

Room: Snijderzaal (LB 01.010), EWI lower building

Main site: BENEVOL 2012

10:00 -- 10:30 Welcome and coffee
10:30 -- 11:30 Keynote Oscar Nierstrasz: Agile Software Assessment pdf
11:30 -- 12:45 Session 1: Software Evolution I
  Spreadsheet evolution pdf, Felienne Hermans
  Applying Biological Evolution to Software Ecosystems: A Case study with Gnome pdf, Maelick Claes, Tom Mens, Philippe Grosjean, Alexander Serebrenik
  Software Evolution – A Product-Line Perspective, Sandro Schulze, Ina Schaefer
12:45 -- 14:00 Lunch
14:00 -- 15:15 Session 2: Quality and Refactoring
  Measuring Ecosystem Health: Creating “Stock Tickers” for Open Source Ecosystems pdf, Slinger Jansen
  Making Refactoring Safe in the Presence of Meta-Data pdf , Carlos Noguera
  Evaluating Software Quality Practices in Europe: Preliminary Results pdf Javier, Javier Perez, Alexander Serebrenik, Tom Mens, Jorge Pinna Puissant
15:15 -- 15:45 Coffee break
15:45 -- 17:30 Session 3: Evolution II
  Evaluating change impact on component based design using feature models pdf, Nicolas Dintzner, Martin Pinzger
  Migrating Legacy Secured Systems to Model-Driven Adaptive Secured Systems pdf, Phu H. Nguyen, Jacques Klein, Gregory Nain, and Yves Le Traon
  A Framework to Support Development and Evolution of Adaptive Data-intensive Systems pdf, Marco Mori and Anthony Cleve
  Taming Obliviousness in Aspects using Data-flow Analysis and Design by Contract pdf, Tim Molderez, Dirk Janssens
19:00 Dinner at the restaurant de Verbeelding, Delft (directions)

9:00--10:00 Keynote Margaret-Anne Storey: The Social Software (R)evolution slideshare
10:00--10:30 Coffee break
10:30--12:00 Session 4: Human aspects
  Who translates Gnome and how? pdf, Josselin Tillay-Doledec, Alexander Serebrenik, Bogdan Vasilescu, Mark van den Brand
  On the variation and specialisation of workload – A case study of the Gnome ecosystem community pdf, Bogdan Vasilescu and Alexander Serebrenik, Mathieu Goeminne and Tom Mens
  Helpful Automatic Development Email Summarization pdf, Alberto Bacchelli
12:00--13:15 Lunch
13:15--14:45 Session 5: Repository mining & code smells
  Qwalkeko: Querying the History of a Software Project using Ekeko, Reinout Stevens
  Detecting Aspect-Specific Code Smells using Ekeko for AspectJ slideshare, Coen De Roover, Johan Fabry
  Structural characteristics of smelly code, Angela Lozano, Kim Mens, Gabriela Arevalo
14:45--15:00 Closing of BENEVOL 2012

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