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Main.BENEVOL2006programr1.22 - 08 Jan 2007 - 15:40 - AndyZaidman

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Information for presenters

Every presenter can talk for no more than 20 minutes, after which there is time for questions. Due to the number of contributions (22), this timing is strict. Presenters who are in the 'short talk' session, get 10 to 15 minutes to present and some time for questions.

Monday December 11th, 2006

Location: Snijderzaal (LB 01.010)

  • 10.15: Coffee
  • 10.45: Welcome
  • 11.00: Sesion 1: Visualization and recovery
    • Visualizing Testsuites to Aid in Software Understanding
      Bas Cornelissen
    • Visualizing a test suite's composition and relevance (PDF)
      Bart Van Rompaey
    • Software Architecture Recovery from Build Processes (PDF)
      Bram Adams, Kris De Schutter
  • 12.30: Lunch (Lunch will be in the Aula building restaurant)
  • 13.30: Session 2: Evolution
    • On the evolution of software evolution research (PDF)
      Tom Mens
    • Alignment of evolutions in business and IT requirements through value and goal modelling (PDF)
      Michael Petit
    • Using High-Level Behavioral Models for Documenting and Verifying Design Invariants
      Isabel Michiels
    • Automated Migration of Programs between Languages, through Annotated Grammars (PDF)
      Diego Ordonez, Kim Mens
  • 15.30: Coffee
  • 16.00: Session 3: AOP
    • Late Binding at Join Points: Delegation-based AOP (PDF)
      Hans Schippers
    • Studying idioms-based implementations of crosscutting concerns (PDF)
      Tom Tourwe, Magiel Bruntink, Maja D'Hondt and Arie van Deursen
    • Aspect mining using cluster analysis (PDF)
      Andy Kellens
    • A Common Framework for Aspect Mining Based on Crosscutting Concerns
      Marius Marin
  • 18.00: End of first day
  • Dinner: around 19:45 in restaurant "De Prinsenkelder"

Tuesday December 12th, 2006

Location: Commissiekamer 3, Aula building

  • 9.00: Session 4: short talks
    • Migration towards Service Orientation (PDF)
      Joris Van Geet
    • When refactoring becomes necessary? An empirical case study in software evolution (PDF)
      Naji Habra, Miguel Lopez
    • Making cellphones fly: first experiences from the trenches (PDF)
      Roel Wuyts, Michel Tilman
    • Some ideas towards Model-Driven Software Evolution (PDF)
      Eelco Visser
  • 10.30: Coffee
  • 11.00: Session 5
    • Accomodating Software Variability with Concept-Centric Coding (C3)
      Dirk Deridder
    • Migrating Multi-page Web Applications to Single-page Ajax Interfaces (PDF)
      Ali Mesbah
    • Defining Intensional Views using Logic-based, Concrete Source- Code Templates (PDF)
      Coen De Roover, Johan Brichau, Carlos Noguera, Andy Kellens, Kim Mens
  • 12.30: Lunch (Lunch will be in the Foyer of the Aulabuilding)
  • 13.30: Session 6: Models
    • An Experimental Validation of interactive Views for UML Model Analysis (PDF)
      Christian Lange
    • Model-Driven Documentation of Software Architectures
      Bas Graaf
    • Towards a Component-Oriented approach to Generative Programming and Program Checking
      Carlos Noguera, Laurence Duchien, Renaud Pawlak
    • Advanced Round-Trip Engineering: An Agile, Analysis-Driven Approach for Dynamic Languages
      Ellen Van Paesschen
  • 15.10: Wrap-up
  • 15:30: End of BENEVOL 2006 (strict)

-- AndyZaidman - 08 Jan 2007

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