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BENEVOL registration

You can register for BENEVOL until the 21st of November by sending a mail to Andy Zaidman (

BENEVOL starting hours and finishing hours

BENEVOL will start around 11 o'clock on Monday December 11th. This will enable people from e.g. Belgium to take the international train from Brussels (around 8 o'clock) or Antwerp (around 8:30) and arrive in Delft at around 10 o'clock. From Delft station, the campus of the Delft University of Technology can be reached by a 15-20 minute walk or by bus.

Similarly, on Tuesday we will stop at 15:30 to enable people to catch the 4 o'clock train.

Please be aware that both the NMBS and the NS are using new timetables as of December 10th!

TU Delft campus

From Delft station, you can take bus 63, 69, 121 or 129 (to Rotterdam CS) and get off at bus stop "Stieltjesweg". Monday 11/12/2006 BENEVOL will take place in -- by far -- the tallest building on the campus, which might be handy to recognize the bus stop "Stieltjesweg".

You can also walk to the campus (+/- 20min). When leaving Delft station, go immediately to the right. At the end of that street, cross the tramlines and the street. Walk towards the "information kiosk" on your left and go right and follow the water. After a few minutes you have a small bridge on your left, take this one and follow the road all the way until you are on a T-crossing (this is the Mekelweg). Go to the right and either go to the HB building (the very tall building) or the Aula building.

  • It is probably easiest to take "Delft" station instead of "Delft Zuid", due to the number of trains stopping at Delft station.
  • Please be aware that Monday December 11th marks the second day (and the fist "working day") for the new timetables of both the NS and the NMBS!!!

More detailed instructions can also be found at:

Room location

  • Monday 11/12/2006: Snijderzaal (LB 01.010)
    Enter the tallest building of the campus, go to the first floor. You are in the cafeteria now. With your back to the stairs (or elevator), go right. Past the cafeteria-counters there is a hallway that connects the tall building with a smaller building attached to it. Go through there, at the end, the Snijderzaal is to your left. We will put up directions.
    On the map, you are looking for the building with number 36.
  • Tuesday 12/12/2006: Commissiekamer 3
    Coming from the city center, when walking over the Mekelweg, you will see the Aula and congrescentrum on your left. Enter the building and follow the signs to Commissiekamer 3.
    On the map you are looking for the building with number 20.


Hotels in Delft are typically relatively small and probably no single hotel can accomodate all BENEVOL participants. This is a list of hotels that was used for WCRE 2004 (see also

Hotel Juliana is closest to the campus, but unfortunately has very few rooms left (I checked, they have 2 rooms left, another conference is taking place). Most other hotels are located in the city center, which is about 2 to 3 kilometers from the TU campus and can easily be walked. If you plan on using a route-planner to find your way from the hotel to the campus, you can use the following address: Mekelweg 4, 2628CD Delft.

Social activity

On Monday evening we invite you for a nice dinner in the city center. Dinner will be at restaurant De Prinsenkelder. A route description to the restaurant can be found here (To help you orientate, the yellow road at the bottom-right of the map leads directly to the TU campus).

Between the end of the first day (18:00), you can go to your hotel to e.g. drop of your luggage there.

We will meet inside the restaurant at 19:45.

-- AndyZaidman - 07 Dec 2006

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