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Atlas is a component-framework based on Fractal with extensions to simplify and enhance the testing. In particular it provides:
  • Built-In Testing: components can be tested and test their environment
  • Test awareness: when components are tested at runtime, allow isolation of the tests on the real system
  • Virtual components: provides means to define data-flows in a system and associate tests to it
  • Runtime testability measurement: via a model associated with each component, compute the runtime testability of the system and find the optimal way to improve it

The features are accessible via a Java API, an ADL and in the graphical system manager


It can be downloaded from Atlas 20110104, and the source code is available here. It contains all the libraries needed.

The QoS? package contains additional components to support online fault localisation. They can be found in QoS 20110104, with the source code available here.


To use Atlas, you must create a system with Atlas components. Refer to the Fractal documentation for the basics on creating a system.

It is possible to attached tests to a component using the test tag. Atlas component must be declared via the controller tag either as atlasPrimitive or atlasComposite. A model can be attached to a component via the model tag. Virtual components are created with the virtual-composite tag.

The QoS? package provide components and aspects for online fault localisation. To create a system with this functionality, an instance of the health-db, sfl, and cmphlth-to-event components must be added. Every other component in the system should be extended with the Involvement aspect.

To compile the source code, you can use maven.


  • 2011-01-04: Support for online fault localisation
  • 2010-04-29: first official release


Example of the several tools provided to the system administrator on a Maritime Safety and Security system.


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