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Research project: ASSESS

Within the ASSESS project, we focus on the development of techniques and methods for source based software quality and security evaluation. What is it that makes some code better or more secure than others? How can we quantify, analyse and measure these aspects? The problem and context dependent nature of these questions indicates that we need flexible and robust techniques that can be tailored to perform domain specific analyses.

In this context, we currently develop static program analysis and software repository analysis to help developers to focus their attention on potential problematic areas, minimize manual inspection effort and extend existing analysis capabilities of third party tools.

The following partners collaborate in ASSESS:

  • Software Inprovement Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • NLNCSA, Leidschendam, The Netherlands

Project members consist of

Former members include

Presently, we have no vacancies for PhDs or PostDocs in the ASSES project but SERG master students are welcome to discuss possibilities for doing their thesis assigment in the context of the project.

For more information on the ASSESS project contact Leon Moonen.

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