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Model-Driven Software Development

Starting in the academic year 2008-2009 (second semester) I will teach a master's course about 'Model-driven Software Development'. I'm planning to develop my own material for the course.

Course Contents

Model-driven software development aims to improve software development by employing high-level, domain-specific models in the implementation, integration, maintenance, and testing of software systems. Models capture designs at a higher-level of abstraction. Unlike technical documentation which has a fragile connection to the implementation of a software system, models are an integral part of the software life cycle. Developers translate designs into models for an appropriate meta-model, which are then automatically transformed to implementations. Thus, with an appropriate modelling language, the effort of producing a new software system decreases and maintenance is reduced to model maintenance.

This course studies the paradigm of model-driven software development and the methods and techniques available for its realization. Topics include modeling, meta-modeling, technical spaces, domain analysis, domain-specific languages, software architecture, code generation, and model transformation. The course will consist of lectures and a series of practical assignments in which all aspects of MDSD, from modeling, to language design and code generation will be exercised.


Lecture notes on Domain-Specific Language Engineering

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