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hans-gerhard gross, phd

Master Projects

I supervise a number of master students in projects within SERG, but also students working in companies.

Current Master Projects

  • Brian Omoro. Online Spectrum-based Fault Localization, SERG.

  • Joey Siadis. Online Monitoring for Service Oriented Architectures, Adyen.

  • John Visser. Performance Evaluation of SOA Frameworks, SERG.

Completed Master Projects


  • John Horn Lopes. Evaluation of Behavior Driven Development, SERG.

  • Timothy Tjon Tsoe Jin. Test Frame for SOA Testing, Logica.

  • Gijs van den Hoorn. Evaluation of Middleware Platforms for Robotics Applications, Delft Robotics Institute, 2012.

  • Hidde Boomsma. Dead Code Identification in Dynamic Languages. Hostnet, 2012.

  • Joel van den Berg. Online Spectrum-based Multiple Fault Localization, SERG & Adyen, 2012.

  • Gert-Jan Deen. Monitoring Framework for Services, SERG & Logica, 2012.

  • Milan Senesi. Web Systems Penetration Testing, SERG & Certified Secure, 2012.


  • Remco Steelink. Aspect Oriented Built-in Testing for Services, SERG, 2011.

  • Torfinn Berset. A method for estimating resource usage for merging applications across platforms. IMEC Nederland, 2011.


  • Remco Luitwieler. Model Driven Development -- A Practical Implementation and Comparison. Logica, 2010

  • Tom Pesman. Software maintenance in a Data Distribution Service with Complex Event Processing. Logica, 2010

  • Zdravko Angelov. Framework in support of effort estimation of legacy systems modernization to a SOA environment. IBM Nederland, 2010


  • Dennis de Bode. Cost-Effectiveness of Test-Driven Development. SERG, 2009.


  • Dennis Learbuch. Identifying Shared Functionality using Latent Semantic Indexing. SERG, 2008.

  • Sander Triebert. A Maintenance Testing Deployment Process - Automating and Centralizing Maintenance Environments. SERG, 2008.

  • Jodi van Oenen. Improving Regression Test Code Coverage with Meta-heuristics. TNO Tass, 2008.

  • Kevin Yu Zhang. Evaluating Software Security Aspects through Fuzzing and Genetic Algorithms. NL ComSec Agency, 2008.


  • Yves Bourgeois. Design and Verification of Concurrent Real-Time Systems using SDL and MSC. SERG, 2007.

  • Etienne Gerts. Towards an Improved EMV Credit Card Certification. Bibit, 2007.

  • Thomas Kraus. Generating system documentation augmented with traceability information, using a central XML-based repository. Forest, 2007.

  • Carsten Krauter. An Automatic Approach For VDM To LYDIA-Model Transformation. SERG, 2007.


  • Wouter Lindhoud. Automated Fault Diagnosis at Philips Medical Systems: A Model-Based Approach. Philips, 2006.

  • Willem Ridderhof. An Approach to Automatic Generation of Evidence for Safety Cases. DaimlerChrysler, 2006.

  • Arjan Seesing. EvoTest: Test Case Generation using Genetic Programming and Software Analysis. SERG, 2006.

  • David Velasco. Improving Timing Analyzability Through Source Code Analysis and Testability Transformations in Real-Time Systems. SERG, 2006.

  • Hans Wasmus. Evaluation of Test-Driven Development. SERG, 2006.

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