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EelcoVisser.TransformationComposerr1.1 - 17 Mar 2002 - 17:31 - EelcoVisser

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It is the common style in Stratego and XT to implement small transformation components that can be reused in different transformation systems. Obtaining a transformation system then consists of composing a bunch of such components into a pipeline, possibly with conditional evaluation, and often command line options have to be propagated. This is currently done in an ad hoc manner, by means of Make rules, a shell script, or a Stratego program.

This is not strange: the task asks for a combination of the features provided by Make, shell, and Stratego.

Make provides caching *memoization) of previously created results. Shell provides easy file manipulation and programmable (conditional) control flow. Control flow is not supported by Make since make rules are rule driven: the engine determines which rules to apply to build some target. Make and shell are too clumsy to do anything with the data that they are manipulating.

Stratego provides control flow constructs and caching at the term level (using dynamic rules). However, file access is clumsy; to create a pipeline of two external processes it is necessary to write the intermediate result to a file.

The goal of this project is to design and implement a tool or library for the composition of transformation components.

It would be interesting to create compositions visually using data-flow diagrams and generate code from such diagrams.

A background in Unix/Linux hacking is probably useful.

-- EelcoVisser - 17 Mar 2002

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