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Stratego treats variables in the object language as ordinary data objects. This disregards the special role of variables in programming languages and requires a lot of plumbing to treat operations such as substitution right. If variable bindings could be treated transparently in program transformation specifications, they would probably be more readable. There are approaches to achieve this:

  • Higher-Order Abstract Syntax
  • Transform:FreshML
  • Transform:LambdaProlog

  • Domenic Duggan. Higer-Order Substitutions. Information and Computation 164 (2001) 1-53

ResearchInterests Questions

  • What would be the best approach to incorporate in a language based on rewriting strategies / Stratego ?

  • How could this approach be implemented?

  • How do these approaches interfere with generic travesal strategies?

  • What are the performance / complexity penalties of these approaches?

-- EelcoVisser - 28 Nov 2001

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