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Program-Transformation.Org Program transformation has applications in many areas of software engineering including compilation, optimization, refactoring, program synthesis, software renovation, and reverse engineering. The aim of program transformation is to increase programmer productivity by automating programming tasks, thus enabling programming at a higher-level of abstraction, and increasing maintainability and re-usability.

Many systems for program transformation exist that are often specialized for a specific object language and/or kind of transformation. All these systems share many ideas about program transformation and use similar techniques, but are often ad-hoc in many respects. The goal of my research is to achieve a specification language or family of specification languages for the high-level, declarative specification of program transformation systems in which generic, language independent schemas of transformation can be captured, and which admits efficient implementation of those transformations that can scale up to large programs.


This research is guided by the design and implementation of tools for aspects of the transformation process

  • Stratego?: term rewriting and rewriting strategies
  • Syntax definition: declarative specification of syntax of languages
  • XT: bundling of transformation tools


Validation of these tools is done by constructing transformation systems for all kinds of application domains


The program transformation wiki is a collaborative web site created for surveying the wide area of program transformation. The Reengineering Wiki is a paper about the reengineering part of the transformation wiki that explains the ideas behind the wiki.

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