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A Transformation Factory for Digital Signal Processing Software


The current practice of hand coding DSP software based on a specification is time consuming and error-prone. Furthermore, it leads to software that is hard to maintain and reuse. A critical factor for selling embedded processors is the availability of programming tools.

The DSP software production problem can be alleviated by producing implementation code automatically from its specification by means of a series of transformations. In this approach the currently implicit implementation knowledge is formalized in a large set of transformation rules, which forms a better basis for maintainance and reuse.

In order to make the DSP implementations maintainable it is crucial that the transformation system itself can easily be adapted. Stratego is a language for the specification of program transformation systems that has been designed to make the specification of transformation systems themselves maintainable and adaptable through the separation of rules and strategies.

In this project we will investigate the feasibility of the approach by developing implementations for a number of realistic DSP case studies that will be provided by Philips Research Laboratories. The result of the research will be a factory for DSP software consisting of a domain-specific language for the specification of DSP problems and a library of program transformations applicable in the DSP domain.

Project Members

The project is a collaboration between the Software Technology Group at Utrecht University and the IST group at Philips Research Laboratories. The following people are involved in the project:

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